“Tolerant” Comrade Sanders Votes Against Christian Nominee Because Of Religion

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This is what happens when communists rise to positions of power over Christians. Senator Bernie Sanders, a rock star to many naive young people who don’t understand they’re giving away their national birthright by supporting him or any Democrat, was ruthless in questioning Russell Vought, a nominee for a position as Deputy Director of the White House OMB. Sanders dodged questions regarding his religion during the campaign but made it clear he is not involved in practicing any organized religion and seems to be quite hostile to those who practice Christianity.

Apparently unbridled rudeness of the type displayed disgustingly by newbie Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) is in style with Democrats, as Sanders raised his voice and was just as rude as Harris was, to someone who was in a much more vulnerable position than her victims.

Sanders reads a letter from a Muslim group objecting to the writings of Mr. Vought for a position that is not a religious-based one with the OMB. Sanders quotes the writing, saying, “Muslims do not simply have a deficient theology, they do not know God because they have rejected Jesus Christ, his Son, and they stand condemned.”

Sanders asks, “Do you believe that that statement is ‘Islamophobic,?'” to which he replies absolutely not, Senator. He could have asked Sanders how stating one’s own faith implies or is indicative of a fear of practitioners of another, and how disliking or disagreeing with a practice automatically deems one to have a phobia. He’s not going to get Sanders’ support anyway, so why grovel.

Vought said, “I’m a Christian and I believe in a Christian set of principles based on my faith.” Muslims likewise believe in their set of principles and believe that infidels, as they like to describe Christians, are damned as well and are unclean. But that’s okay, Bernie likes Muslims. He just hates Christians.

Sanders raises his voice for Vought daring to speak his Christian beliefs, that a belief in and acceptance of Jesus Christ is required for salvation. In so stating those beliefs, Sanders identifies him as being unfit for the office, in effect placing a religious litmus test on holding office in the US government, a belief that all faiths are equal and that in order to work for the government, one cannot believe that Christians are saved where others are not.

He should ask Muslims if Christians and Jews are saved, particularly some of the many that were Obama hires. Then that would require intellectual honesty on the part of Sanders. Communists don’t posses that trait.

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3 Comments on “Tolerant” Comrade Sanders Votes Against Christian Nominee Because Of Religion

  1. B.S. Bernie hasn’t a clue what this country is supposed to be about either? Calling himself a Communist and a socialist while running a Presidential race cloaked as a Democrat just shows how disingenuous this man is?
    Boobus Americanus had best make sure Hillary doesn’t use this clown to get their money again.

  2. Let me say this, Bernard, YOU are not what this country is about. My father fought against communism as did hundreds of thousands of other true Americans in different wars. Communism is what you are about. Muslims do not like Mr. Vought because of his religion. You DO understand that Muslims hate the infidels, which according to the Islamic community, Christians are. You DO understand that over in the Middle East, Christians are tortured, males and females are raped and sodomized and beheaded for not converting to Islam, right? The perpetrators of these crimes are both radicalized AND mainstream Muslins! You stand up for a religion who hates America and Americans alike, yet you damn Mr.Vought for his religious beliefs?! We all know where Hussein Obama was coming from for bringing over to America so many Muslims. Why would you, though, brow beat a Christian like Mr. Vought, as you did for a religion that hates America and Americans alike? Your demeanor during the the inquisition was that of a pompous ass, in my humble opinion. Mr. Vought’s answered obviously annoyed you as well. Now you have an idea why Mr. Trey Gowdy got so irritated with Comey while being questioned. You, as a communist/socialist should have no place as any kind of U.S. government employee, law maker or anything else because of your beliefs. That is my opinion. Mr. Vought proclaimed his opinion about Islam and you tried to “rattle his cage” but it didn’t work, did it? You, on the other hand, got beat down by this Christian man and his morals. Specifically because you have no morals!! Two points for the Christian man!

  3. Vote this communist OUT!

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