Today Show Libs Use Panetta To Discredit Trump, Push Russia Story

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If Leon Panetta had any credibility, he lost it in the first sentence. This is a guy who was Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff, as well as CIA Director under Hussein Obama from February of 2009 until he moved to Secretary of Defense in 2011 as a replacement for the retiring Robert Gates. He remained in that position until early 2013. Given all of that experience in DC, including time running the CIA, you’d think he’d be aware of the espionage basics, like the existence of spy agencies in all nations and the nature of their activities. Either he’s an idiot or he’s lying, because in a Thursday night interview with Matt Lauer,  Panetta declared he was caught totally unaware; he had no idea before then that the Russians had been spying on us.

Sounding like a guy who’s trying to lay a foundation for a claim of innocence by ignorance for either himself or his former employers, including the defeated Hillary Clinton, Panetta said, “There’s evidence now, that Russia has been deliberately hacking our uh, our country and trying to interfere with the election process in ‘this country.'” Either they plugged a wire into that outlet marked “our country,” or Panetta doesn’t want to give up the protection of ambiguity that crooked Democrats and globalists have come to rely upon so heavily.

He then goes on to make the same arguments his fellow military industrial complex puppets John McCain and Lindsey Graham have been making, while providing absolutely zero in the way of specifics. Panetta said, “That is a serious attack on the United States of America and for that reason it is important that we respond.” Is it as serious as Obama sending a team of Alinsky radicals to defeat Benjamin Netanyahu, V15, during 2015, one that was partially funded illegally with taxpayer dollars? Is it so serious that you can’t say what happened, Mr. Panetta, or does that simply require more proof than what you have, the reason why you’ve chosen to rely upon general, unsupported accusations?

After accusing Mr. Trump of not being serious and having his eyes opened by the upcoming meeting in Trump Tower, comparing it to the use of tweets, Lauer follows up with another obviously scripted softball intended to diminish the President-elect. He asks Panetta, “Have you ever seen a dynamic like this where an incoming president or even a sitting president has expressed such an amount of distrust for the intelligence community?”

Panetta, sounding a lot like he uses the same writer as Hillary Clinton, replies, “Matt, I’ve been in public [self] service for over fifty years. I have never seen anything like this in my lifetime.” The insinuation is that that evaluation is somehow an indictment of Mr. Trump when we know CENTCOM intelligence has routinely falsified intelligence in deference to the Obama regime. Perhaps Trump’s smarter than most, more aware and less prone to accepting false claims, and that’s why it’s unheard of.

He makes the argument, clearly on behalf of the establishment globalists that because Trump tweets, “we all have to be concerned about this; this is not the kind of bickering that ought to be going on in public.” So when Trump questions the Clinton camp’s claims which are being promoted by the same FBI that just let her walk away on a broad spectrum of espionage charges, and when he questions the NSA, who has copies of every email ever sent but hasn’t provided any of the “missing” Clinton documents, Lerner documents, EPA documents or Benghazi documents, Panetta is concerned because he thinks for himself and doesn’t accept their assertions at face value.

Panetta goes on to say “It would be a terrible message” if Trump reversed the Obama sanctions against Russia. Lauer pitches another MIC softball asking, “Is it an act of war?” He won’t go that far preferring instead to revert to the common theme of “It is an attack on our country.”

We get it, Panetta, you and your fellow elites will do anything you can to diminish Mr. Trump, to survive for four years and make him a one-term president so that you can return to corruption as usual. That’s  what your fifty years of self-service at the public trough that conditioned you for, action as a traitor for hire. He’s earning another payday with this interview.

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  1. Regarding Panetta; with little to now regard—–Panetta, the TRUTH IS GOING TO CATCH UP WITH YOU ! Now or Later—–But you will be held accountable for your sorry azz dedicated to the almighty $$$$$ when you should have dedicated yourself to ‘We The People’ !

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