Tillerson Takes The Bait? – Tough Talk Against Assad, Russia On Possible False Flag

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Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin, said on Thursday that his nation’s support for Syria President Bashar al-Assad is not unconditional. He did, however, insist on a full investigation into the suspected chemical attack in terrorist-held territory inside Syria before any action is taken in response by the UN.

Speaking two days after the suspected attack killed 72 people, Peskov told The Associated Press that “unconditional support is not possible in this current world. He added, “It is not correct to say that Moscow can convince Mr. Assad to do whatever is wanted in Moscow. This is totally wrong.”

He observed that Moscow and Damascus “enjoy a relationship of cooperation, of exchange of views and full mutual support,” and that the Assad army is “the only real power in Syria that can resist terrorists on the ground.”

That ability to resist terrorists is part of what has made Assad the target that he is. These supposed chemical attacks only happen in areas in which the John McCain, Hussein Obama supported terrorists have a ground presence and control. The logical question is to ask why Assad would bring global condemnation and possible retaliation upon himself in a senseless attack that, in addition to being morally reprehensible, offered no military gains of any kind and serves only the propaganda interests of his terrorist enemies and their state sponsors.

At UN headquarters, key Security Council members, including the United States and Russia, met on Thursday behind closed doors to try to reach an agreement on a resolution that would both condemn the attack and authorize an independent investigation.

Peskov stated the Russia position as insisting on a full international investigation into the attack prior to any action by the UN Security Council. He said to do anything else would be “simply unfair in terms of international law.”

The Russia Defense Ministry has stated that the poison gas was released as the result of Syrian airstrikes striking a terrorist chemical weapons arsenal and munitions factory, noting that Russia is the only legitimate foreign power with a ground presence, providing “more wide information about what is going on there.”

Secretary of State Tillerson was already scheduled to travel to Moscow next week and the attacks will surely be high on the list of topics, as will Syria in general. He indicates in his comments that “There is no doubt in our minds,” that Assad is guilty, urging Russia to reevaluate their support. He then goes on to state the conditions under which Assad would leave.

It’s understandable that, to a degree, he needs to prove that President Trump is not another empty suit like Obama and they’re surely not wanting to appear as overly deferential to Russia. But Tillerson also needs to be certain we’re not played for fools by the terrorists or their allies, doing their dirty work for them in the process. Nation building, replacing a dictator with chaos labeled as supposed “democracy,” hasn’t worked out so well in Libya or Iraq. While there’s no guarantee it wouldn’t work in Syria the odds are against it and it’s very expensive.

This has every appearance of a false flag by the terrorists and perhaps our own military industrial complex or deep state operatives. Take your time, gentlemen and get it right. Don’t rush into a fight we don’t need just because there is a need to present a strong image to the world. Lead, don’t follow. John McCain and Obama can pound sand; maybe each other.

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4 Comments on Tillerson Takes The Bait? – Tough Talk Against Assad, Russia On Possible False Flag

  1. According to news, U.S. ships have sent over 50 missiles to attack a Syrian airbase. Bad mistake.

    • Rick Wells // April 7, 2017 at 11:07 am // Reply

      got one coming out on it now David, agree, not smart, they could have waited for proof and should have and then decided what if any action to take.

  2. The allegation of chemical attack and the claim of 72 deaths come only from the opposition rebels, not from any legitimate source. How can our so-called “leaders” be so confident that Assad is guilty and retaliation is our only option? Only our war mongers like McCain, Corker, Haley, et al are blindly encouraging immediate military action. Eff them.

    Well-informed sources have reported that a workshop used for fitting rockets with poisonous gas payloads exploded in Khan Shaykhun, killing or wounding the workshop’s personnel and causing a release of toxic substances that injured nearby civilians. The workshop was under the control of mercenary forces and was probably attacked by Syrian air forces.

    If this report is true, the accusation of Syrian President Assad having attacked Syrians with chemical weapons is false. President Trump needs to be made aware of this.

    It is always best to avoid any rush to judgment in cases of foreign matters. Full factual and provable evidence should be gathered before accusations are made.

    • Rick Wells // April 7, 2017 at 8:19 am // Reply

      Absolutely, things are rarely as they first appear in things like this, even in simple crime investigations that’s the case. Unless they want to act out of ignorance, they need to investigate first.

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