Tillerson State Dept Doubles Refugee Import Levels While Trump Overseas

tillerson refugees state

tillerson refugees state

The strange goings-on at the State Department continue, with nobody other than the Secretary himself behaving in a manner that would be reflective of the new president’s leadership and consistent with his agenda. If he’s truly representing the president, another round of wholesale firings is clearly in order.

Earlier this month the State Department fought the release of two un-redacted emails to Judicial Watch that contain information relevant to the criminal activities of Hillary Clinton and on  Friday they acted as representatives of Hillary Clinton in a lawsuit filed by two family members of the victims of Clinton’s fatal mischief in Benghazi. America is tired of the secrecy of our shadow government and our supposedly legitimate version as well. We hired Donald Trump to clean the mess up, not to allow business to continue as usual. They work for him and for us.

In yet another instance where the State Department is acting as if Hussein Obama is still in the White House, in a Democrat-style Thursday before a holiday weekend email notification, they revealed that the restrictions on the flow of “refugees,” terrorists and terrorist sympathizer applicants into the US would now be readjusted to Hussein Obama’s “the sky is the limit” levels, effective immediately.

That certainly is contrary to what President Trump promised the American people and to our national security interests. It happened in the immediate aftermath of the Manchester terrorist bombing that killed 22 innocent Brits, so it’s understandable that the corrupt deep state forces of evil would want to keep it out of the public view as much as possible. They also did it while President Trump is out of the country although if that was intended as protection it should prove to be ineffective. President Trump could easily order Tillerson to rescind the policy change upon his return, fire those responsible and use it to educate those allowed to keep their jobs as to the hazards of going rogue.

In an email from one of those who might be looking for employment next week, Jennifer Smith, the State Department notified “refugee groups” that they could begin bringing refugees into the U.S. “unconstrained by the weekly quotas that were in place.” The New York Times reported there was no link between the decision, also on Thursday, of the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals to support the usurpation of Presidential authority by the Obama judge in Baltimore, the unconstitutional suspension of his executive order, and the policy change.

The number of imported foreigners could double from what is now being reported as 830 per week to approximately 1,500 per week by June, just a few days away. Earlier this week the Pew Research Center reported current levels were 70% below those of October 2016. Unless October was an aberration, their report doesn’t quite jibe with what the NYT is reporting as what are now the new previouis levels.

The “great deal” that was “negotiated” to fund the government through the rest of the fiscal year in May, unlike the one that preceded it, did not restrict the amount of money that could be spent on importing a replacement population. We’re told it was a financial decision to open the throttle all the way once they had unlimited resources to spend on our destruction, there were no “refugee” caps.

That exposes another problem with the way this government is run, other than the corruption and adversarial posture to the American people. Just because they have money in a budget doesn’t mean it all has to be spent. Rex Tillerson should know this, Exxon probably didn’t get to where they are by pissing away every cent they had in the bank. The United States most certainly did.

But the State Department didn’t act alone in their treachery. A spokeswoman told the New York Times that they raised the levels after consulting with the Department of Justice. It seems Attorney General Sessions, likewise, has some housecleaning to do.

They may claim that the budget mandated they spend the money on that purpose. There are lots of ways to spend money without bringing in more bodies. They could distribute funds to states having to cover the costs of this insanity or something along those lines. They need to be creative.  Hussein Obama got away with throwing $1 billion that wasn’t approved into the Green Climate Slush Fund and there wasn’t a damn thing the Congress could or was willing to do to stop it.

It’s a matter of desire and will. And it’s complicated by the deep state subversion that exists. Trump needs to get it cleaned up or get someone in there who can. It’s not that tough, people who are no longer allowed in the building and whose credentials no longer access the system can’t do much damage.

Issue a correction of policy and fire those responsible – and do it immediately.


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12 Comments on Tillerson State Dept Doubles Refugee Import Levels While Trump Overseas

  1. Ah, the slush fund. I can’t help but suspect that the funds in the “slush” contain more than just tax revenues, considering the issues on which they’re spent.

  2. All I can say, Trump needs to wake up, Drain this Maggot Swamp. We are at war. Needs to be ad number one priority, or he will not make it. 0 tolerance. To many traitors against him. Needs to trust the smuck’s he put in his administration to do there Damn job! Funny how this happens when Trump leaves the Country? Nothing like this should slip through under Tillerson or Sessions! Set up other policys then. We are talking about the safety of Americans. This kind of [email protected] is what is going to destroy us. How was this even leaked to the press already without the top boys taking care of it if they did not know? I keep going back & forth feeling the deep state globalism has gone to far & Trump can’t fix it. My only hope, until we see him aggressively not standing for liberals & demorats, rinos going against his Agenda, it will only Continue. We are still in a Lawless Country ran by the Same Criminals! High arrest, draining the swamp of these Maggots is the ONLY Way we can start to save America. Close are Boarders, figure out who is here! Close down all Muslim Brotherhood orgs. Nothing but terrorist cells. Fire these liberal Robes! 9th circuit & seems the same with the forth circuit. This needs dealt with. Even though Trump is going to Supreme Court, which I am sure he will prevail, can’t just ignore what these so called robes did. Until these lefties pay for there Crimes it will Continue. Think of how much this is Costing the taxpayers! BS. Obama, HRC, Lynch, Holder, Comey, Walters, Brown, Podesta, Indictments, down the line for there Crimes. Trumps daughter, son-in law out of the WH, along with the leaker’s. Ryan, OUT! Need to clean out all these Corupt politicians. People need to take names & numbers, vote them out!

  3. Margaret McConnell // May 28, 2017 at 11:17 am // Reply

    I don’t believe either Sessions or Tillerson had a hand in this. More firings are in order.

    • I agree, Margaret, and if somehow they were then it’s a situation that we deserve an explanation on. I doubt Sessions whole heartedly, but Tillerson is still brining in refugees every day when the vetting process could easily be tightened up and leave it to the democrats to figure out what they can as they can or as leaks are provided to them. If they wanted to cut the numbers they ought to be able to figure it out. I could, you probably could, they should be able to and yes – fire more – remember the basement shredding party that went on at the State Department after documents were requested by congress or someone – where is that investigation? Those folks are probably gone but there are those there who know about it. If I know it happened, Tillerson should know as well. Where’s the indictment?

  4. CARLOS DESOUZA // May 28, 2017 at 10:30 am // Reply

    IF, this news is correct, THEN the Trump Govt is not much better than the previous one headed by Mullah Hussein Obama Jehadi. In fact, it might be worse. How so ?? Because we all knew what the debauche Muslim traitor was like and knew what to expect. But, we expected Trump to drain the swamp and put AMERICA FIRST. But, he seems to be appeasing the globalist progressive crowd, while pretending otherwise. Dangerous.

    I fervently hope Trump proves me wrong. For the sake of the country I dearly love, America. And, for the rest of the free world.

  5. If the hot shot executive, Tillerson, can’t manage the department from a distance, he should stay the eff home until it is cleaned-out and running the way Trump promised. When I was in business, “traveling” was never an excuse for failure to get the job done.

  6. Thomas Oakley // May 28, 2017 at 9:45 am // Reply

    So their should be heads rolling at state and doj…….wonder if that includes the two heads. It is not the first time that state, under their new head, went against what trump wanted……and this time we have both going against him. Why has sessions not done more to clean the swamp, why has the hill de beast and the obamssssss not been charged, along with so many others as guilt as them…..Why is it that a couple of….BLACK …..politicians who owe lots of money not been charged as I would have been and would now be sitting in a jail cell. Why is trump putting these rinos, good old boys etc in his administration when their are so many that stood up for him and they are being bypassed….He needs to get his daughter and her husband (both liberal/democrats sad to say) away from him and the crap they are pushing. Wonder if he even knows what is going on or is it being blocked from him by his…..advisors?

    • CARLOS DESOUZA // May 28, 2017 at 10:55 am // Reply

      You know, as I read the articles on this site and the replies to them as objectively and dispassionately as I can, I get the distinct impression that for all the screw ups that this administration has committed thus far, the blame does not seem to be falling square on Trump. Its always someone else who is being blamed for doing things behind his back.

      And, I have figured out why we keep doing this. Its because Trump is our last hope. We are hoping against hope that Trump will actually deliver on what he promised. If not, we are screwed.

      Please correct me if I am wrong. I am flabbergasted with what’s going on and am searching for answers.

      • You’re probably partially right there Carlos, but consciously I approach things from the perspective of having to defend what I say as being the most legitimate, not the most unbiased, but the more logical or reasonable or a fair representation, a defensible one. In this case, for example, everything stops with Trump, so he’s an easy target but the people he put in place are there to handle this kind of thing, it’s their job, Tillerson needs to be the one to take the action and if he’s the man he’s represented to be then he will. It impacts all of us though and if tillerson can’t or won’t get it done, he should be done. But I share your concerns, we’ve also got thousands of work permits going to illegals every day, under trump and General Kelly. It would only take a phone call to put a stop to that.

      • Margaret McConnell // May 28, 2017 at 11:41 am // Reply

        The Obama adm left 1000’s of staff and bureaucrats as far back as Clinton and pedophile HW Bush in positions. It takes a loong time to root out the traitors and there’s so much to be done. In fact it’s a wonder how much the Trump has accomplished in 4 mos and with NO HELP and continual betrayal by RINOS, DEMS AND PAUL RYAN. As Trump is also, with Sessions, leading a crusade against pedophilia, there are hundreds of such criminals still unknown, in the judicial, legislative, executive branches, the clergy, Intel agencies, the military…you name it. Every one of them is working to bring down Sessions and Trump to protect themselves. Hillary is a leader of the D.C. pedophile ring, Obama is named as one…getting proof is the hard part as other anonymous peds can block that. Its possible that Some,of the federal judges blocking Trump’s orders are guilty,of that. Gen Flynn was rumoured to have a long list of pedophiles including one supposedly VP Pence’s best friend and he was brought down over that. However there’s no proof of that and the awful part is that the highest ranking ones are so protected….protecting each other as elites do that it will take lots of time as they must start with the low ranking ones in order to convict others higher up with their testimony. 100’s in CA already arrested and many children saved. Its a global thing, especially bad in England. The saying there is that the BBC stands for “banging British Children.” Former PM Heath was known as one who preferred boys. I didn’t mean to go on so,long on pedogare

    • All good points, Thomas – we’d all like a few answers.

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