Tillerson Reveals Support For TPP, NAFTA – Bad As Romney As Secretary of State

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A big problem with Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State surfaced in his hearings on Wednesday during questioning by Senator Jeff Merkley, an Oregon Democrat. In phrasing his question, Merkley noted that during the campaign “The President-elect talked a lot about what he saw as major mistakes with NAFTA and with giving China full access to our market, in terms of its impact on American manufacturing.”

Merkley continued, “He was very critical of the TPP. Do you share his vision that NAFTA and WTO China access, that TPP are big mistakes in terms of creating living wage American jobs?” Tillerson talks like a politician even though he’s never officially been one, saying, “Senator, my understanding of the issue that the President-elect has with those trade agreements is in the case of NAFTA it’s an agreement that’s been in place for decades now and I think even President Pena-Nieto of Mexico has indicated that ‘Yes, perhaps it needs a relook, that we’re in a different era now, both in terms of the type of trade and technology, but also the global trading environment has changed since that agreement was put in place.” At what point was it good for America, Tillerson? It has been a job killer from the beginning. It has nothing to do with the “era” we’re in.

Asked if he shares Mr. Trump’s opposition to TPP, Tillerson replied, “I do not oppose TPP. I share some of his views regarding whether the agreement that was negotiated serves all of America’s interests best.”

As for NAFTA, the fact that it sucking jobs out of America and our economic life should have been a factor in his response and reasoning, referencing the changed “global” trade environment in a manner consistent not with Mr. Trump’s America first thinking but with the current Obama regime and all of the supporters of these multi-lateral “trade agreements” that put America’s interests second or lower in rank to other nations and corporate interests.

Our Secretary of State should be firmly opposed to TPP and Tillerson not having a problem with it is either an indication that he doesn’t know what’s in it or that he is one of the enemy, those who would have America and our Constitution subjugated to foreign control in order to further the establishment of the economic new world order and the political and sovereignty baggage that doing so carries with it. TPP kills American sovereignty in a multitude of ways the way NAFTA has killed our jobs. If Tillerson isn’t opposed to it, which he freely states he is not, America needs to be opposed to it.

Nobody’s perfect, Mr. Trump made a bad choice. Replace the globalist profiteer Tillerson with a patriot and move on. That doesn’t mean Romney.

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