Tillerson Endorses Arctic Climate Welfare, Rethinking Of Trump Position On Paris Agreement

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By now we Americans have become accustomed to being looked upon and exploited, particularly by what used to be our own government, as the financiers of the world welfare systems. The fleecing is being implemented largely under the banner of the UN as humanitarian aid and lately, as reparations for the sins of “climate abuse.” We’re being herded towards the day that we were warned of by Thomas Jefferson, when he said Americans may “wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”

Tillerson is speaking to other nations, not to Americans, as he made these remarks, although he knew some of us would be listening. He’s talking to a subset of the same entities that comprise the UN and are signatories to both the Paris climate fraud and Agenda 2030 global governance mechanisms.

It’s interesting to note the background as Tillerson speaks, bearing the logo of a wolf beside the world viewed from an Arctic perspective. The animal character is very appropriate. Below it are the words “One Arctic.” While the protection of the Arctic is important, and it is true that there is only one, the messaging and the methods are in keeping with those utilized by the EU, UN and other globalist entities, and it is not by coincidence. It’s a short hop from one Arctic to One World and the governing body is already in place in both instances.

As Tillerson acknowledges the transfer of the chairmanship to Finland, he says, “There are still issues of great concern to each of us that we can address, including “advancing the welfare and living conditions of those who call the Arctic home.” Just as with the UN Agenda 2030 and the UN Paris Climate document, the adoption of less wealthy nations as dependents of the more developed is once again being treated matter-of-factly, as a foregone conclusion. We’re expected to simply accept our roles as if it’s our responsibility to lower our lifestyle and standard of living in order to elevate that of others, including the globalist money changers who are taking a cut at every level.

Advancing the welfare and living conditions of people in the Arctic is not a great concern to Americans unless our government, as Secretary of State Tillerson is attempting to do, makes it so by sticking his hand into our pockets. The Constitution does not grant government bandits and manipulators those illegitimate powers. Let the Canadians, Russians and Norwegians care for their own people.

He makes a valid point that we each have a strategic interest in being part of the Arctic’s future, probably as a foundation to legitimize some other upcoming overreach. He also states that we must remain vigilant in protecting the fragile environment. While the environment is important, what we must remain most vigilant in protecting against is the DC Swamp somehow manipulating us into remaining in the bogus deal signed in Paris and UN overreach in general.

Is Tillerson providing the basis for a reversal by President Trump on his commitment to exit what is nothing more than a deindustrialization and conquest mechanism of assault on our nation? Or is he signaling the intent to exit and providing that basis upon which to build in the coming weeks?

Tillerson signed an agreement recognizing the Paris climate and wealth redistribution pact on Thursday, but went on to send a mixed signal, stating that President Trump won’t be rushing to decide whether the US will remain as the parasitic host to the world or will choose to exit the climate pact.

Tillerson went beyond what had been expected before the rumors of possible capitulation by President Trump to the climate globalists started circulating, creating concern among those who see it for what it is. He joined seven other nations in signing the Arctic agreement, which included language referencing the Paris non-treaty treaty. It noted the “entry into force” of the agreement, its implementation and called for global action to reduce greenhouse gas pollution.

The agreement was never ratified by Congress, so it’s not in force as far as the US is concerned, not constitutionally, anyway. There’s also the contradiction in that greenhouse gases aren’t pollution, the most common one by far being water vapor. But these are politicians working in partnership with exploitative globalists, as long as it helps secure their control it’s accurate and truthful enough.

Reuters reported an unidentified State Department source who hadn’t expected Tillerson to sign the agreement as saying, “We’d heard … that there would likely be a significant U.S. effort to redline or even remove entirely the Paris and climate language.”

Tillerson stated, “In the United States we are currently reviewing several important policies, including how the Trump administration will approach the issue of climate change.”  That’s the review Ivanka Trump is leading, the meeting that was recently postponed until after the G-7 Summit the end of May.

Something does appear to be in the works. The peripheral developments don’t look promising.

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8 Comments on Tillerson Endorses Arctic Climate Welfare, Rethinking Of Trump Position On Paris Agreement

  1. Why is it that know it all Globelist folks do not know that pissing facing the wind will get them wet.

  2. Most disturbing. Keep close tabs on this front, Rick. Thanks for the heads-up.

  3. I keep reading that Tillerson is another elitist and cannot be trusted by Trump supporters.

  4. Our interests in the Arctic is OIL! Tillerson heads the most corrupt government agency in our government. Just look at the history of ALL prior Secretaries of State. Globalists every one of them. They do what the NWO global d-eletes want them to do or they would NOT become the Secretary of State in the first place. His snake oil rhetoric is insulting. President Trump is surrounded by the Deep State and its agenda. I almost feel sorry for him – almost. They are pushing all of his buttons, with support from his own vile daughter and her vile husband. He’s no Goliath, but he is still the best we could expect. Additionally, the list of the promises he HAS kept, however, is growing day by day. “One Arctic to One World” – ABSOLUTELY! The Trump Train has arrived at a crossroads and they’re coming for us from all directions. Wealth redistribution – the VIG for the globalists is humongous. The “greenhouse pollution” hoax is nothing more than charging us for the industrial air we breathe. Personally, the “environment is important” only when I get to use it freely – and free!

  5. Obviously, Tillerson is not nearly as intelligent as he is being given credit for. And, where is Scott Pruitt? Why isn’t he there representing the EPA?

  6. CARLOS DESOUZA // May 12, 2017 at 9:50 am // Reply

    I meant the 55/45 odds in our favor are NOW probably at least 25/75 against us, if not more.

  7. CARLOS DESOUZA // May 12, 2017 at 9:49 am // Reply

    Sounds like Ivana has influenced Donald on this important issue. Bad news indeed.

    The 55/45 odds in our favor are not probably at least 25/75 against us, if not more.

    I wonder on how many more issues Donald will go back on what he promised.

  8. Shirley Freeland // May 12, 2017 at 8:32 am // Reply

    I don’t think Tillerson should have signed the climate agreement. I thought President Trump knew this was a ploy by the U.N. to take our money. There are honest scientists out there who have proven that global warming is a hoax because the ice caps are even thicker now than ever. This is very disappointing. If President’s family is influencing him on this decision it is a tragedy. Sounds like they are possibly democrats.

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