Tillerson Defies Trump, Goes Globalist, Plans 100K “Refugees” Year In War On Christianity

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If this is as Cernovich says it is, we’ve got a real problem on our hands. At the :25 second point in the video, Mike Cernovich breaks a story about Rex Tillerson and two of his State Department employees who are defying the orders and wishes of President Trump and lifting the refugee ban, taking levels back to what they were under Hussein Obama.

Cernovich reports that Tillerson, along with Brian Hook and Margaret Peterlin, who have become his Praetorian guard, largely insulating him from outside contact and directing him in all things globalist. Cernovich reports that the State Department, having lifted the ban of refugees had targeted a minimum number of 50,000 for entry into the US this year. He says, “We thought it was Brian Hook,” who shouldn’t be a very high level person, who is actually meeting with foreign dignitaries.

He is a globalist and a never Trumper, says Cernovich, who notes, “it turns out now, Rex Tillerson is on board with Brian Hook’s plan. Tillerson now wants to let in 100,000 new refugees in a year.” He says, “The was a meeting in the Oval Office, President Trump was present there, Stephen Miller was, Tillerson was there. Rex Tillerson went on a rampage and said, ‘I’m not going to listen to some 31-year-old, Stephen Miller. Why do you think you know so much? We need to start taking in more refugees or there’ll be more terrorism in America.'”

Jones points out that the more Islamists you bring in the more potential attackers there are.  Cernovich takes the conversation back to the turning of Tillerson from being okay to a globalist lackey, having been corrupted by McMaster or whomever, to the view point “that if we don’t let in 100,000 “refugees” per year, that’s going to radicalize Muslims to commit terrorism. So now Tillerson has a massive plan to double the number of “refugees” being let in.”

“Tillerson is now a full-on globalist,” says Cernovich, “I don’t know if he was bribed by somebody or somebody threatened his family or what happened.” Jones asks why the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), is determined to bring in such toxic foreigners when more agreeable, more prone to assimilate and harder working other groups would be readily available, such as Mexicans or Asians.

Cernovich says the answer is that they are attacking Christianity. “It isn’t a color thing, a race thing, it’s not a country thing. Because we could bring in intact Christian families from Syria or from Jordan or Afghanistan or Iraq. Christians need not apply. It is a war on Christianity.”


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8 Comments on Tillerson Defies Trump, Goes Globalist, Plans 100K “Refugees” Year In War On Christianity

  1. David L Lamon // July 5, 2017 at 10:11 pm // Reply

    I’ve said all along Tillerson is a traitor because of his support for a One World Government and proved it supporting the UN energy tax and giving the UN control over our offshore drilling making the decisions where, when and how much we pay for the privilege. The real fact is, the UN is a Communist/Muslim dominated world body that isn’t about to allow the US become independent of Middle East energy so Trump should wise up and fire him now.

  2. Debra Prisk // July 5, 2017 at 3:59 am // Reply

    Trump needs to remove Tillerson.


    • And why did Pence go to Michigan to march in a parade – supposedly just happened to be there vacationing? Things don’t happen like that.

  4. With all the anti-campaign agenda being enabled by this cabinet, I wonder if Trump is aware, and if he is, how much longer will it continue. Too many pro agenda talking points, with anti-agenda actions behind the scenes.

  5. Is this really real news? I can’t see President Trump putting up with this at all.

    • I don’t understand it either Joan, none of us do. There a link to a Politico article in there, a text article naming those same individuals but not quite as critically – I usually keep a safe bit of skepticism with Alex Jones as there is some jumping to conclusions with him that doesn’t stand up, this seems to fit, particularly with the politico backup of the identities and the behaviors. I listened to him “defend” the budget – pretty weak, I don’t trust him an inch. Cernovich has broken big stories before. – We know there are deep state operatives running loose inside state dept, and what about those three insiders who were supposed to be busted for leaking and dealt with when Trump returned from his last foreign trip – he’s set to go again and nothing said. DACA still in force – there’s so much that doesn’t add up with the Trump admin to this point- Dina Powell on the inside, a Jarrett/Abedin/Clinton Bush neocon along with McMasters full globalist that yeah, I’ll give Cernovich a good chance of breaking another one here.

  6. Deplorable Doctor // July 4, 2017 at 8:28 pm // Reply

    No more Islamic Terrorists permitted in America, PERIOD! Fire Tillerson!

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