[Watch] THUGS Block Street, Jump on Car – Who Get’s Arrested – RIGHT To NUDGE?

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When did it become okay to block traffic if you’re a leftist carrying a bullhorn, signs and chanting? Is there no longer such a thing as jaywalking and if there is why is it no longer enforced? What about obstructing traffic, is that one of the many laws that are no longer enforced upon whiny or belligerent liberals? Who made that decision and how do you nullify a law without going through the legislature?

How stupid do you have to be to stand in traffic and “protest,” also known as making an ass or a public nuisance, and creating a hazard for both yourself and the general public? Particularly after the much publicized death of a woman similarly obstructing traffic for political purposes in Charlottesville – can’t you take a hint? The same thugs, Antifa and other leftists were still doing it last night in Phoenix. Now this collection of freaks, the Weird Lives Matter protesters, are doing it too.

As the video shows, this driver was simply trying to pass through and the lawbreaking thugs, aka “demonstrators,” took issue with their line of misshapen bodies being breached. He was laying on his horn to tell the slugs to get out of the way and to alert them to the fact he was coming through. They then jumped in front of him and onto his car as well as pounding on it. Who is the aggressor here? Once again it’s the leftists and once again it’s the normal people, the driver in this instance, who now faces a bout with the often equally perverse justice system and law enforcement. He’s the victim, the thugs attacked him and his property. He was trying to get away from them, a normal reaction for any normal person, and they attacked.

The driver was moving slowly, the “innocent protesters” jumped on his car, ran in front of it

The Trans Lives Matter protesters, as they have billed themselves, deserved to be hit to the extent they were and more, if it turned out that way. The driver didn’t come barreling through the intersection, he merely tried to pass at much less than a walking speed as the video shows. Some sort of amnesty from prosecution needs to be offered to those who are held hostage, in essence kidnapped and trapped in the intersection by these thugs, thugettes and confused thugs of an undetermined nature.

A group supporting a cross-dressing man who stabbed his neighbor and one of the cops who responded and was then shot and killed was protesting his death by blocking traffic. They were also upset that he had been identified in the police report by his plumbing, not the dress he wore.

Apparently he believed it was a magic dress that empowered him with a license to be stupid or to attempt to kill a policeman and expect nothing negative to happen in return. Society let him get away with everything else, forcing people to deny reality when he’s playing dress, he could even go into a bathroom and expose himself to little girls and strange women without fear of repercussions based upon his mental illness supported by his so-called self-identity as a grotesque woman.

toad lives matter   [VIDEO BELOW]

Somehow society draws the line at stabbing people, particularly police officers. It’s always a bad idea to stab someone who has a gun, but when they also have a badge, it’s suicidal. Even with a magic dress. Cops have little patience or “tolerance” as the leftists like to say, for such aggressive behavior, regardless of who is holding the knife.

It ‘s understandable from their appearance that they might be tempted to force people who would never look at them to acknowledge them, to give them the attention they are starved for, but find another way. They’re looking, the same way they would look at a train wreck, don’t worry.

The freaks described the normal man who hit them as a CIS or CIS-gender male, which means he identifies as what he was born as. It’s got to be tough referring to other people as normal, the implication being that they must accept their own abnormality. A technical sounding name like CIS makes it easier for them.

The real victim in this incident is the man who drove through, was attacked by the freaks and pursued by police, who were apparently just allowing this lawlessness to take place. Not doing your job as a cop is becoming increasingly more the standard for cities in which corrupt Democrats are in charge. If they had allowed the police to keep the traffic moving none of this would have happened. If the freaks want to demonstrate, St. Louis has parks, get a permit or just go stand in the grass. Get out of the street and involving innocent people in your stupidity.

If cops aren’t going to enforce the law on the thugs, let drivers have free rein as well

If the cops aren’t going to enforce the law, they could at least be fair about it, and not enforce it against the innocent citizen these leftists have decided to make their means of driving their point home. If they’re willing to accept the dents they may get in the body of their car, let the morons blocking traffic accept a few dents in their bodies. Fair is fair.

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6 Comments on [Watch] THUGS Block Street, Jump on Car – Who Get’s Arrested – RIGHT To NUDGE?

  1. TONYA PARNELL // August 25, 2017 at 5:29 am // Reply

    Some states are already passing laws to run them over

  2. Yeah, I’m really getting tired of all this winning.

    Apparently one is not allowed to do anything if they fear for their lives from a bunch of anarchists or freaks of society.

  3. I’m having a hard time with this one. I hate what they’re doing, I hate that they’re getting away with it! But I remember one of the first things I learned in Driver’s Training was that “Pedestrians ALWAYS have the right of way.” Does that make them stupid or smart? It certainly makes them terrorist thugs, but is it legal?

  4. In the city I live in, if I jay walk and impede the flow of traffic, I will get a ticket for jay walking. These demonstrators are point blank blocking traffic. If I had my family with me, I would do the same exact thing! I wouldn’t plow through them but I would make it known that I would not stop. If my car was getting beat on, I might have to speed up, though, just for the safety aspect. Blocking roads of any kind is a mindless strategy and, at some point, people blocking roads are going to get hurt if the driver panics. Where the hell are the police when this crap happens. Does that oath to “serve and protect” not mean ANYTHING anymore? Hussein the Muslim did a number on this country in a very negative way by allowing the laws of this country to become a “pick and choose”. If you don’t like one law, pick the one you don’t like and choose another. It is a very stupid thought process. Who came up with that one? Oh, yeah… Hussein the Muslim…

  5. The title of the MailOnline video was highly disingenuous when it s aid that the car “plowed” through the protest. But hey, a halting 3-4 MPH is about the speed that an old mule plows a field. These “sexually-confused” demonstrators were absolutely BREAKING the law by obstructing LEGAL traffic on a public street. Period. Police should attempt to identify and fine demonstrators who deliberately moved in front of the vehicle to block passage; and, the driver should be entitled to sue anyone who damaged his vehicle.

  6. Fred A. Hisle // August 24, 2017 at 4:37 pm // Reply

    The driver should have drove through, too bad if anyone playing in the street got hurt.

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