Thug Commits Assault And Battery On Defenseless Teacher In Classroom

thug teacher battery


This entitled bully in the teacher’s classroom apparently didn’t care for the content of the day’s lesson. With just this one short video to view it’s difficult to formulate an opinion on the underlying causes of this aggression, probably a lot of it has to do with the fact that the teacher was much smaller than the thug, that’s he’s white, that he’s out of shape and an easy mark, and that he represents authority of the cracker system over his entitled and mistreated, prison-bound butt.

Not that he’s going to be arrested for this incident or even reprimanded by the school for behavior that should have him expelled, but his attitude leaves no doubt there’s a well-deserved orange jumpsuit in his future.

The Hoodlish that he’s speaking makes it a little tough to understand what prompted his outburst, although some of his words are quite distinctive, generally those starting with the letters “F, M or N.”

As he gets up an walks around the room to the front where the teacher is standing, the thug has his radio or cell phone in his hand and appears to be wearing headphones, not something that is conducive to learning in a classroom environment, but that’s not why he’s there. He’s in it for the sports  and the ladies, probably putting on a show for the one holding the camera. She seems to have been tipped off that the outburst was coming, as she followed him all the way around the room.

The thug seems to object, as best as can be translated from Hoodlish to English, to being called a horse thief and to horse thieves being lynched. That the teacher was directing his comments at the student seems a bit of a stretch as inner city thugs like him generally only see horses when they’re carrying police officers in response to their rioting. He’s full of big talk when it’s a small white guy he’s threatening, but it’s doubtful he’d be stealing a cop’s horse. Although he’s welcome to try. Maybe his camera girl could make a video of him getting what he had coming.

He accused the teacher of saying racist sh*t and threatened to break his mother f**king mouth. That’s assault and he’s touching him in a threatening manner, which is battery. This thug should already be behind bars. He claims the teacher told him he’s got to hang himself. This hothead fool just did exactly that, guaranteeing himself some jail time.

Inner city school teachers earn their money in hostile work environments like this. There’s no description of where this took place but it really doesn’t matter. Every large inner city has schools like this, thanks to years of Democrat neglect and permissive nanny state policies. Betsy Devos has her work cut out for her at the Department of Education dealing with thug incubators like this one. He’s entitled alright, and hopefully a judge is about to give him precisely what he’s got coming.

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