Three Illegal Aliens Arrested Traveling With Kidnapped American Girl

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Reporters, law enforcement and public officials talking in circles when they don’t want to draw attention to the fact that a suspect or criminal is an illegal alien has become the norm under Hussein Obama. Hopefully, once sanity and respect for the rule of law is restored to the Oval Office under the Trump Administration, it will start to filter down to the general population. Most conservatives never lost their ability to recognize the truth or when it is being abused, it’s just those in power and who have the ability to manipulate the truth that need to be re-grounded in reality.

Three illegals from Guatemala were in this country in relative safety and free from concern of apprehension and prosecution when they decided for some reason to kidnap a young American girl. Fortunately, a Louisiana Sheriff’s Deputy was on the ball and intervened. The traffic stop occurred in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana, 350 miles from the city of Houston where she was abducted. Her kidnappers were not on any joy ride, they were making a delivery or to possibly wanted to put some miles between them and a potential crime scene. So far the investigators aren’t saying much.

A St. Tammany Parish Sheriff stopped the kidnapping vehicle because the illiterate subhuman driving it was doing so with his high beams on. The stop occurred on Interstate 12, off of Interstate 10 on Friday morning. During the course of the stop the Deputy identified the young girl as one that had been reported missing earlier on the previous night of the January 5th.

Even when dealing with the lowest form of subhuman predatory trash, illegally invading our country and stealing a child from her home and parents, the media still describe them as “undocumented immigrants.” They are illegal invaders, illegal aliens, squatters, border crashers, lots of things. They are not undocumented. They all have papers in the country that they are citizens of, they just prefer not to use them because there’s benefits in doing so.

If any of the people reading this sentence were to sneak into Saudi Arabia, they would not be undocumented, an American would still be an American, a German a German, a Brit a Brit, with a birth certificate or passport stating so. Not choosing to make use of it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist and doesn’t make me an undocumented immigrant. It makes me illegally in their country. It also, unlike in the US, wouldn’t entitle me to special privileges. I’d be fortunate who have the privilege of keeping my head in its present location and not facing public punishment.

The three Guatemalan illegal invaders are exactly the individuals Donald Trump was speaking of when he came down that escalator to announce his candidacy for president. They’re not the best, they’re the worst. There’s nobody worse than someone who would steal a child from their parents or abuse her.

The three were taken into custody by US Border Patrol agents. No charges had been filed at the time of this report but the authorities are still developing their case. According to station WWL the local authorities believe the three illegals were in the process of taking the kidnapped girl to be sold in a trafficking operation.

While the deputy deserves high praise for his recognition of the situation and actions, Sheriff Randy Smith needs to learn to not attempt to put a smiley face on situations in which it is unwarranted. Smith said, “We are uncertain of the circumstances that occurred in Houston, and not sure what the intentions were of these three men, however, we are happy that this young lady is now safe and back home with her family.”

Regardless of their intentions, Sheriff, they are illegal alien kidnappers. Diminishing that fact will only encourage others. They’re scum, at a minimum they should never breathe another breath outside of a detention facility. Establishing their intentions has its merit and must be done as part of the investigation, perhaps there’s a trafficking network that could be exposed or other development. Beyond that isn’t it really just a matter of getting this trash off of our streets, locking them up for the rest of their worthless lives. Do their intentions really matter? Did they matter to this little girl and her family?

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