Threatening Schumer Claims TRUMP Wants To Help PASS DREAM Act

chuck schumer

Suddenly, to hear him tell the story, Chuck Schumer isn’t a Democrat and doesn’t want to be an obstructionist. “We didn’t want to say that, we didn’t want to say it’s all on you. We wanted a compromise.” The devil’s devils are in the details.

He continued, “A compromise is that. Not dictating what should happen but working together,” and then submitting to globalist Democrat demands.

 “And I give the President credit for understanding that in the Oval Office,” says Schumer, “when Leader Pelosi and I made the compromise suggestion, thank him for it.”

As a progressive, Schumer immediately moves on to the next item on their bottomless wish less. He says, “Now, since President Trump’s decision to end DACA on Tuesday, it’s absolutely necessary that Congress move forward to pass a clean Dream Act.”

He says, “Let’s put a clean Dream Act on the floor, which I believe would pass by a significant margin, and tell the hard-working dreamers (who don’t belong in the US) that they belong in this country too,” and that they can keep that job they stole from the American.

Inevitably Schumer slips back into his natural threatening demeanor, saying, “If the Majority Leader and Speaker do not offer a clean Dream Act, we Democrats will find other legislative vehicles to attach it to until it passes.”

Way to go, President Trump and feckless GOP leadership. You’ve further emboldened the Democrats who now clearly, as the minority party, are running the show in Congress.

Bizarrely, in concert with our president, they are successfully pushing an action that is in direct conflict with his promises during the campaign and with the agenda we all voted in support of. What happened to the wall we were promised after the May funding failure would be part of the CR in September?

What happened to the “Lock her Up” investigations of the criminal Democrats. Now our President is helping to push the Democrat open borders agenda by making citizens out of foreign-born anchor babies? Remember when President Trump battled Jorge Ramos over using that term? That seems like a long time ago and another country.

Schumer says, “And let me say this. I spoke once again to the President this morning, he called. And he said he wanted to help in the Dream Act, and there are many ways to help, but here are two.” Schumer suggests that President Trump persuade more Senators to co-sponsor the bill and to urge Ryan and McConnell to put the bill on the floor right away. They way they can get it done before we know what hit us, before we can object and mobilize against it.

Schumer says, “We can get this done and get it done quickly. End the anguish of so many ‘Americans‘ and make sure that our economy continues to move ‘forward’ and is not needlessly ripped apart.” They’re not Americans, Schumer, as you know. That’s the purpose of your whole theatrical presentation. And it is they and the businesses who employ them that are destroying our middle class. They are the very tool by which our economy is being ripped apart.

Tell us, how long of a waiting period will there be between dreamer amnesty and their petitioning for the illegal parents who brought them here, to be rewarded with US citizenship as well? Why not just include them too, they’ve been here just as long and they’re just as hard-working, apparently the only criteria for citizenship these days.

You don’t really care about that “through no fault of their own” crap, Schumer. If you did, you’d be taking care of the American citizens who had their jobs stolen, “through no fault of their own.” The floodgates are opening, Amnesty will be the result. The uni-party globalist system is rolling America, with some very disappointing help from the top. 


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