“Thoroughly Vetted” Refugee Goes Nuts, Bites, Jumps Out Of Plane – That’s Diversity

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An incident in Charlotte,  NC on Thursday is an illustration of just how bad things are with our supposed vetting in the farcical “refugee” program. Tun Lon Sein, a native of Myanmar, is in custody and facing federal charges after he tried to bite a flight attendant’s hand and jumped out of an American Airlines flight as it was backing out from the terminal.

Sein got out of his seat, went to the main aircraft door and tried to open it, according to the criminal complaint. It states that the flight attendant and two other passengers got up and attempted to get Sein to return to his seat. He then reportedly tried to bite the flight attendant’s hand, succeeded in opening the galley service door, and jumped from the plane out onto the tarmac. Other airport workers on the ground subdued and held Sein until authorities took over.

But what does this incident expose of the societal and cultural degradation program that is still running even though President Trump has reportedly managed to reduce the numbers by roughly 60%? It’s still about 55% too high and far too reckless in determining who is allowed into the country.

Although Sein is from Myanmar, he has been most recently living in a refugee camp in Thailand. He is not the family unit, the desperate children that are the face the proponents put on the humanitarian excuse used to justify the acceptance of these invaders. He’s a heavily tattooed, jihadi-age single male who looks much more like a criminal Asian gang member than a persecuted political victim.

Why is this being done largely in secret, forced upon us against our will?

Sein doesn’t even speak English, illustrating the absence of any real vetting in the process or minimal standards for being given a ticket to US citizenship. He does have a pulse, apparently enough to put him on a plane to America and the public dole. Why is he in our country, at our expense, put ahead of people who speak our language, are professionals, and who would contribute to the economy and culturally.

Why is this being done largely in secret, forced upon us against our will by an unresponsive US government? Why has the organized left made this invasion such a key issue that they were willing to challenge the authority of the President of the United States in order to keep the bodies flowing in?

Sein’s court appearance had to be postponed in order to find an interpreter of which there are only four in the United States, yet “our” government intended, prior to his snap and likely still will be, on turning him loose on American society – alone, isolated and unlikely to assimilate. Are people who bite stranger’s hands and jump out of airplanes really the kind of refugee we want as new Americans?

He hasn’t even made it to his free apartment, free money, free food, free health care, free education and possibly his free used car yet and he’s already in jail. Sein’s already costing the American taxpayer money we don’t have. Aside from the profiteers in the “refugee” agencies and the America-hating leftists, who benefits?  Certainly not the American people. When will this assault on America end?


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9 Comments on “Thoroughly Vetted” Refugee Goes Nuts, Bites, Jumps Out Of Plane – That’s Diversity

  1. Send an email to the President: https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/write-or-call

  2. TONYA PARNELL // May 27, 2017 at 9:50 am // Reply

    Mo more Communist/Socialist & Mud slime Dem o rats

  3. Kelleigh Nelson // May 27, 2017 at 8:25 am // Reply

    So tell me please, why the hell are any of these Islamists getting into our country? Why? What the heck is the purpose? To make us an Islamic country and destroy our culture just like Europe has been destroyed? If we don’t fight this, we are finished, and believe me no one is even talking about civilization jihad

    • To erode America’s identity and to destroy our culture and individuality – gun by gun, student by student, illegal by illegal and psyop by psyop. A one world oligarchy is the goal of the globalists, both national and foreign, in our government, in the Deep State and around the world – and with the help of the corporate-owned media, through the UN Agendas’ open borders, ‘sustainable’ cities, austerity and theft of our resources. It’s ugly and demonic, but it’s also prophetic. During Trump’s campaign, we’ve become enlightened to the dark forces that have wrought misery upon us Through Trump’s presidency, we are learning that the president is being deprived of his constitutional authority of being fully and solely empowered to decide who can and cannot enter our country, by a corrupt congress, supremacist judiciary and fakestream media. I’m afraid we the people just haven’t fought back hard enough, or fought back at all.

      • Kelleigh Nelson // May 27, 2017 at 8:22 pm // Reply

        I realize that Marlene, and have written about it. Trump is trying to fight it, and I think we need to scream, something American people are too busy to do anymore. There are phone numbers to DC and emails, and we should be flooding them. This out of control judiciary stocked by the left is going to destroy all of us. It’s up to the American people, who are so soft and spoiled, that I wonder if they could even identify evil, much less stand against it. Thanks to our pulpits and the deliberately dumbed down educational system, we have over two generations of mindless snowflakes now… God help us

        • Kelleigh, I never meant to assume you didn’t already know all this and I apologize for the way I framed my comment. I read all of your articles, which is where I get a lot of my trusted information. Same from Rick Wells and Alex Newman and Dobbs, as well as from hackers who post original documents – before they’re taken down. Yes, God help us indeed. I send emails to the White House and my representatives, and Tweets to President Trump, with regard to my priority issues – which continue to expand. I fully support our President, for whom I am extremely grateful. I believe that God does in fact choose our leaders and gave us Trump “beyond all odds.” However, like Apostle Paul, I think He put a thorn in Trump’s side. With regard to our corrupt, unconstitutional judiciary, I’m shocked and outraged that almost no one, except maybe Publius Huldah and The Tenth Amendment Center are posting why and how their supremacist ‘rulings’ are unconstitutional and why and how Congress is solely responsible for turning a judge’s opinion into law. Thanks for your reply.

  4. Get out of the UN and get the UN out of the U.S.
    Do that while draining the swamp. Problem will be solved.

  5. When will it stop? When the swamp and all its’ tributaries are drained. When the media is stopped from spreading fake news. When the media has to name their sources…….

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