Texas Governor Abbott Drops Hammer On Sanctuary Sheriff, Cities

gregg abbott sanctuary


Texas Governor Gregg Abbott is doing more than putting his foot down on sanctuary cities in the State of Texas, he says, “I’m putting the hammer down. This is offensive, what’s going on in Austin, Texas, it’s actually the county, which is Travis County, which is the county seat of Austin, Texas. Travis County has declared what I call sanctuary city policies.”

Abbott elaborates on just what sanctuary policies in Austin will be, saying, “They are no longer going to hold for ICE detainers certain criminals who are, in fact criminals, they’ve been arrested before for very serious crimes. They could have been arrested before for armed robbery or working with drug cartels or all kinds of very dangerous crimes. And the sheriff is going to let them back out onto the street without letting ICE know anything about it. That is breaching her oath of office, it is breaching the rule of law, Texas is not going to stand for it.”

“What I’ve done,” says Abbott, “is withheld $1.5 million dollars in governor grants to Travis County and I’m seeking legislation we’re working on it, passed out of the Senate committee yesterday, that is going to really put the hammer down on any sanctuary city policy. We are going to be asserting fines, we are going to be seeking court orders that could lead to putting these people behind bars, the officials who are violating their oath of office. We’re going to make it so that it’s impossible for any city or county to adopt any sanctuary policy in the State of Texas.”

Governor Abbot says that a mandamus action is part of their remedy, where if a government official “failed to comply with the mandamus action they would be subject to going to jail.”

The sheriff at the center of the conflict in Travis County is Sally Hernandez, who in just one day, on Wednesday of last week, released 37 illegals into the public streets rather than notifying ICE agents, who she had previously ordered out of the Jail.

She’s a criminal herself, who had best not play games with Governor Abbott. She might find herself sharing more than a political perspective with the criminals of Austin if she doesn’t wise-up; she could be sharing a cell.

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