Texas Gov, Legislature Moving To Jail Sheriffs, Mayors Of Sanctuary Cities

gov gregg abbott


Governor Greg Abbott of Texas gives an update to that state’s efforts to eliminate the scourge of sanctuary cities which includes action by the Texas Legislature.

Abbott discusses the situation with Sheriff Sally Hernandez of Travis County, who has taken it upon herself to buck both state and federal law by proclaiming Travis County to be a sanctuary county. In response to her actions, Abbott defunded government grants to Travis County in the amount of $1.5 million dollars, which he says “is just the starter.”

Abbott informs the Fox and Friends hosts that they have now passed out of the Texas Senate, Senate Bill 4, which imposes “real penalties for sheriffs in counties like this. It adds fines that could add up to about $9 million a year. It adds real penalties, including the possibility of criminal penalties for public officials who adopt sanctuary city policies.”

Abbott says, “This has passed out of the Senate, we look to have it pass out of the House. I will be signing an anti-sanctuary city law into law in the State of Texas here in the coming months. Texas is going to come down hard on any city, any county, any public official that adopts a sanctuary city policy.”

He’s asked if he’s suggesting that the sheriff of that county in Texas could actually be arrested. Abbot replies, “Yes, under this new law, if you have a public official, including a sheriff, who continues to adopt sanctuary city policies after this ban goes into place, they could be criminally prosecuted and themselves wind up in jail, the place where they are releasing dangerous criminals from.”

Just how bad does the corrupt law breaking sheriff, Sally Hernandez, want to appeal to her illegal alien, Democrat, law breaking constituency? Is it worth going to jail and bankrupting the Sheriff’s Department in order to get re-elected or satisfy her campaign donors? Will she just have her desk and phone moved into her cell?

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