Terrorists Are A Symptom Of Larger Threat – Caliphate Conquest Goals

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Even as the blood was still wet in the streets of London and the shock of what just happened dawned on the civilized people of the world, particularly in the targeted West sets in, the denial continues. The PC, politically correct self-deception has become ingrained to the point that reality is ignored even in the face of the most hideous acts of Islamic aggression. We label it as terrorism which has the effect of making a distinction between those who kill from those who enable and are sympathetic to the killing.

All Terrorists Deserve A Proper Burial – Pork Products Included, No Virgins Allowed

We call them Islamic terrorists, which they are, but terrorists are simply a means to an end. The bigger and more threatening reality is that of Islamic conquest of the West. The terrorists perpetrate their savagery as a tool of their aggression, their hostile expansion into and attainments of control over our nations. It’s how they intend to establish a global caliphate and force our children and grandchildren into submission and conversion to what many Christians perceive as their heathenism. That conquest is being allowed to happen right before our eyes, with events such as this, in full view.

In the bullet points at the top of their article the Daily Mail describes the subhuman mongrel responsible for the London attack as an “Asian.” They also wrote, ” The killer, described by witnesses as ‘middle-aged and Asian’, then managed to break into the grounds of Parliament, where he fatally stabbed Mr. Palmer – who had 15 years service with the police – with two knives.”

That witness quoted in their article may have been the source of the initial confusion, or the excuse for it, but they were able to post the photos at the same time the text was being run. Clearly the photos are proof the perpetrator was Arab or Middle Eastern in appearance, complete with the telltale beard. There’s nothing Asian about him. It would have been a simple matter to delete the comments of the witness from the story but they chose not to.

That witness, Jayne Wilkinson said: ‘We were taking photos of Big Ben and we saw all the people running towards us, and then there was an Asian guy in about his 40s carrying a knife about seven or eight inches long.” Maybe wherever the tourist Wilkinson is from they refer to Islamic terrorists as Asians. The Daily Mail should know better.

The Islamist didn’t know the officer he killed nor any of the other innocent people he killed and maimed; it was an attack on Britain and on non-Muslims. Their geographic location was enough to justify being killed in the case of the tourists, while the uniform and Parliament building he was protecting sufficient in the knife attack on the police officer.

The useful idiots of the public are tools of the terrorists, enabling this to happen. They’re demanding the turning of a blind eye to the continuing threat and share responsibility for these deaths and injuries. Islam is attacking us all; the invasion is targeting us all. Those who have not encountered violence have been fortunate but don’t have any special immunity. Some of those run down were Korean tourists and school children. It’s not likely they were high on the ISIS target list but the inescapable truth is the Islamic terrorists don’t care who they kill as long as it’s an infidel. 

This piece of trash needs to be made and example of and a new, politically incorrect policy adopted among the nations of the civilized world. All terrorists convicted or otherwise deemed to have engaged in an act of terrorism, regardless of their perceived religion, ethnicity or national origin, should have their remains soaked in pig’s blood and then basted with a combination of minced pork and pig feces before they are then disposed of like the trash they are, either in a hole or burned. Who knows, it might inspire them to think twice about heading off to meet  with 72 elementary-school-aged virgins.

Although it would not be religion-specific, the Islamist leadership groups would likely be marching in the streets in support of terrorist “rights” to a decent burial. Aside from the liberal enablers of the left and the Muslim organizations such as the ACLU and CAIR, nobody else would likely challenge such a decision and if they did, the hell with them.

Most good people would understand and agree that the vile subhumans capable of these actions deserve no better. The Muslim groups would also reveal by their opposition their recognition that it is they, not other true religions of peace, who are largely to blame. It is they who supply the manpower, the support and the finances for organizations that make this sort of thing possible.

If the pigs had a voice in the decision, it is likely they who would be more justified in complaining about the burial arrangements. It is the pigs who are being defiled. 


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