In Terrorist Germany, Merkel Peddles Own Brand of Obama Hopelessness

merkel hopelessness


Michelle Obama said it herself last week, prior to the latest terrorist attack in Germany, “this is what hopelessness feels like.” That feeling is what many Germans are experiencing as their country is invaded and their loved ones butchered and the arrogant, hostile leader responsible, Chancellor Merkel, continues to ignore their cries for help.

She’s the closest thing there has ever been to Hussein Obama and the German people are learning the hard way that she represents the destruction of their nation in the pursuit of globalism. Their situation truly is hopeless in the short-term.

At first it was thought that the German authorities had captured the suspected perpetrator but they determined it was a case of mistaken identity and released him. That individual was a Pakistani import who arrived as one of Chancellor Merkel’s Islamic invaders. Maybe they had the wrong guy but it’s likely they’re looking for his countrymen, his fellow ‘refugees.” They’ll be certain of a connection before attaching any suspicion to Merkel’s imports and the Chancellor herself. She’ll be forced to admit the truth eventually but she’s taking advantage of the lead time in order to soften public opinion if she can. She’s already taking a beating politically, as she should be. Merkel’s really sorry that it happened, sorry because her reelection becomes less likely with every passing dead or maimed German.

In acknowledging it was likely terrorism, German police acknowledged that the stolen tractor trailer rig loaded with steel beams had been driven deliberately into the crowd.

The Monday night terrorist attack left 12 dead and at least 48 injured, 18 of those seriously. In preparing the public for what she clearly suspects is already the case, Merkel said, “I know it would be especially hard to bear for all of us if it should be confirmed that the person who committed this act sought protection and asylum in Germany. This would be especially despicable toward the many, many Germans who are daily engaged in helping refugees, and toward the many, many people who truly need this protection and strive to integrate themselves into our country.”

Merkel’s opposition party, the anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany Party (AfD) co-chairwoman Frauke Petry lamented, “Germany is no longer safe. We must be under no illusions. The breeding ground in which such acts can flourish has been negligently and systematically imported over the past year and a half.”

Merkel is afraid that the German people will seek out the same sort of hope out of hopelessness that brought about Brexit and the election of Donald Trump. She has every reason to be. She has betrayed her nation. The blood and suffering of these innocent Germans and their family members is on her hands.

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6 Comments on In Terrorist Germany, Merkel Peddles Own Brand of Obama Hopelessness

  1. george peters // December 22, 2016 at 7:30 pm // Reply

    all i can really say is the she, like other idiots, have unleashed a major plague on us, in other words, merkyl, is a jerkyl.

  2. Dr. Deplorable // December 21, 2016 at 11:13 pm // Reply

    Chancellor Merkel, Hussein 0’Vomit, and HildaBeast are of the Devil!

  3. Totally agree Edie

  4. Hopelessness is caused by incompetent leaders. What was she trying to fix? Germany had one of the strongest banking systems in the world, highly intelligent people and a beautiful countryside conducive to tourism. Why she wasn’t ripped out months ago, by the scruff of the neck is beyond me. Of course, we’re guilty of that, too.

  5. Edie Faylor: Agree with you 1000%!!!!!! All like her in every country need to GO. We need to bond together, even with Russia and beat this animal isis to the death!.

  6. This woman needs to be kicked out of office NOW and a new Trump like leader elected. Close the borders, destroy their mosques, stop all government aid and ban the burka. If this doesn’t make them self deport, then bring in the busses!

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