Terror, Chaos, Thuggery – Leftists Foundations, Soros, Wage War On America, World

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Big money “Foundations,” the word that in today’s world is often defined as a false front and legal mechanism for anti-Americanism and its financial support, are documented as contributing millions of dollars to agitators seeking to destroy this nation.

They maintain they are anti-Trump, but President Trump is merely a man representing the values of Americans and our Constitution. If they are anti-Trump, they are anti-American. That is the reality which their actions reinforce.

The W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Ford Foundation and Soros’ Open Society Foundation, all prominent leftist agitation and activism “non-profits,” have transferred millions of dollars to a notorious anti-Trump “resistance” group.

The Washington Free Beacon has obtained 2015 tax documents which reveal the funneling of millions to the Center for Community Change, an entity that Hussein Obama could have named and might well have, being a radical “community organizer” who campaigned on change for the worse.

As a 501(c)3 organization, the center isn’t required to publicly disclose the source and nature of its donations, so it is information normally beyond the view of the American public.

As you’re eating your corn flakes, reflect on  the fact that the W.K. Kellogg Foundation gave $3 million to the Center for Community Change to attack the principles that this nation was built and has flourished upon. As you’re driving in to work, it’s worth remembering that the Ford Foundation kicked in $2.3 million to the liberal war on America. The evil one, George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, added another $1,750,000 to their subversive operation funds.

Those corporate fascists are attempting to conquer the United States through subversion, then to rule it by removing the power of government from the hands of the people. They attempt to misdirect and divert attention and recognition of exactly what they are through their common tactic of projection, labeling others as the very fascists they are.

They employ groups like Antifa, BLM, BAMN, communists and others that use violence as they claim to be attacking the very fascism they’re working for, globalist Democrats. Henry Ford, a co-founder of the Ford Foundation with his son Edsel, was one of the largest supporters of Adolph Hitler. That is the “charity” that the Ford Foundation was formed to promulgate.

The Daily Caller points out that the radical agitator group Indivisible, which has been active in disrupting town halls of Republican Congressmen and Senators, is a sub-group of the “Advocacy Fund,” which is funded by Soros’ Open Society Policy Center.

Resistance group Refuse Fascism, which has selected Berkeley as their battlefield for attacking free speech and engaging in protected riotous behavior in the process, is also backed by the leftist networks. Again engaging in their disinformation, the fascism promoting group “Refuse Fascism” is funded by a Soros front group, in concert with union and corporate partners.

The Nazis were never defeated and they never went away. They dispersed, many of them to join their comrades in America, to regroup and to attack us from within. We’re fighting that war today, undeclared, guerrilla and covert and funded by some of the most wealthy entities in this nation, as well as employing segments of our national security apparatus.

Americans are at war with the deep state and shadow government and most of us don’t even know it or that, for now, we’re losing. The calls for disarmament and the importation of terrorists or the radicalizing of Americans to terrorism in order to carry out the strikes to “justify” taking our 2nd Amendment rights are part of their wartime strategy.

In that war on America, 58 good citizens lost their lives and over 500 were injured in Las Vegas. Yet this serpent, who is behind the unrest that created and likely orchestrated those deaths, continues to breathe long past the time he should have stopped. Sometimes it seems there simply is no justice in this world.


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7 Comments on Terror, Chaos, Thuggery – Leftists Foundations, Soros, Wage War On America, World

  1. Since Russia has a persona non-Grata out on Soros, just waiting for him, I cannot understand why he isn’t put on a plane to Russia. Surely, if they really wanted to, there is enough evidence to deport this P-O-S.

  2. You do understand folks, in fact, someone ought to explain to the greed mongers accepting $$$ for their “support” of this Nations overthrow. …that once they have completed the task hired for, they are OBSOLETE to the elitists that “love & appreciate” them soo much and when you become obsolete guess what? Think I’m lying? Unless you’re one of the top 13-15 financially elite your name is going down in the log of useless human flesh that gets “ended”. Humans are so gullible, the need to feel important to ANYONE deemed impressive, other than Jesus Christ Himself, truly IS a sad prospect. I’m Blessed to be so aware of what is TRULY IMPORTANT in these times….for as it’s known that eventually we are ALL going to die, death is being the pathway to the eternal life promised to all that know and serve our Great God, our Lord Jesus Christ! Only one problem for some…..your not gonna get there by serving in the Lucifarian reign…. THAT is but a TEMPORARY time table. Why not switch out NOW, and be the Warrior for God that we were BORN to be! The way I see it is that if I’m Graced with a swift, Honorable death due TO serving our Heavenly Father by bringing as many HOME for Him to Love, all the BETTER! No, not crazy, just grounded in THE Creator and His Word. Be well, be Blessed, and spread the Good News!

    • I like your comments, and your attitude. Rick stated that in this world there seem to be no justice. He’s right. Very little real justice today, but in the age to come God’s justice will reign. I’ve written much on this age and what the Bible says it will bring. End time events are on stage today as never before.

  3. The global elite send us ALL their bills. We taxpayers pay for everything, including wars for their oil. The only thing they pay with their own money are their hitmen!

  4. Fred A. Hisle // October 5, 2017 at 11:54 am // Reply

    Elimination of subversives as mentioned in the above article is imperative, which includes demonRats.

  5. good article and RIGHT ON.
    as I’ve said in the past to other folks, WHY? the Jewish state hasn’t KILLED this SOB FOR WHAT HE DID TO HIS OWN PEOPLE DURING WW11 IS BEYOND ME.
    sometimes i think there is just NO JUSTICE IN THIS WORLD.

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