Ted Cruz Syria Is A Mess – No Good Answer After Eight Years Of Obama

ted cruz


Senator Ted Cruz is supportive of President Trump, allowing him the luxury of a loose definition of “exigent circumstances involving national security.” It’s a difficult stretch to argue that a gas attack on his own civilians by Bashar al-Assad, if he in fact is responsible, posed an exigent threat to the national security of the United States. There’s no category labeled ‘had to teach the ruthless bully a lesson’ so it’s what they’re going with.

Cruz says, “Syria is a humanitarian disaster, it is a total mess and the honest answer is there’s no good answer to Syria right now. After eight years of Obama broken red lines and weakness, we’ve seen Syria turned into a war zone that has resulted in hundreds of thousands of refugees, of chemical weapons. It is a bad situation.”

“That being said,” continues Cruz, “the authority to declare war under the Constitution is given to Congress. Now, the Commander-in-Chief acted last night, and I look forward to President Trump making the case to the American people, making the case to Congress, about what further military action should be taken, if any.

“You know,” Cruz says, “there are some folks in Congress that want to see us in protracted military involvement in Syria, I think that would be a mistake. But it’s the Commander-in-Chief’s prerogative to defend this nation and Congress has the authority to make decisions about declarations of war.”

Cruz’s diplomatic skills are tested a bit further when he’s asked, “Do you think he had the constitutional power to do what he did last night, exigent circumstances involving national security? Cruz responded, “It’s long been recognized that the Commander-in-Chief can respond to exigent circumstances, can respond to immediate threats. There’s a difference between that, between a single strike in an exigent circumstance versus engaging in prolonged military conflict.”

Without naming John “Monger” McCain, Senator Cruz says “Some have called for maintaining a no-fly zone,  I think that can be very dangerous, I think that invites conflicts with other nations. Listen, Assad and Syria are puppets of Russia and Iran. He notes that as bad as Assad is, it would be even worse if chemical weapons were to fall into the hands of radical Islamic terrorists. Of course the video from the last chemical strike and others in Aleppo indicate that it’s already happened, with many believing they were the source of the latest incident. That point aside, the access is there.

He reiterates the important role of Congress in ensuring “that military action is directly tied to the national security interests of America.” Cruz stresses the value of President Trump being recognized as a strong President, particularly on the heels of the weak Hussein Obama, “whose word didn’t mean anything and our friends didn’t trust us and our enemies didn’t fear us.” He says he’s encouraged in the opening months of the Trump administration about foreign policy and national security, that the team that has been assembled is an excellent team.”

Cruz adds, “I think for dealing with Russia and Putin, having a strong president, who Putin has reason to fear, I think that’s a step in the right direction.”

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