HOT SEAT for Teacher and Councilman Who Called MILITARY “LOWEST of our LOW”

The Pico Rivera teacher and city councilman who stupidly and incorrectly called the members of our military the lowest of the low is facing mounting pressure to resign from both…

salcido military lowest low

The California teacher who ranted that the America’s military are a bunch of “dumb***s, not high-level thinkers and the “lowest of our low” is taking heavy fire from just about every non-libtard in the state. It seems not a lot of high-level thought went into his making those comments.

Not only is Gregory Salcido a teacher in Pico Rivera, CA, he also is, at least for the time being, a city councilman. Former Army Paratrooper Bob Archuleta is also a Pico Rivera city councilman. He joined the Fox and Friends crew for a discussion of the situation.

Both of Archuleta’s sons are West Point graduates and in addition to his own service as a paratrooper, he was for twenty years the LA County Commissioner of Veterans Affairs.  In that capacity he’s been on the bases and interacted with the military service personnel of different branches. Archuleta describes them quite differently from the way Salcido did, as the “brightest we’ve ever seen.”   [[VIDEO BELOW]]

Despite a recall petition, and being placed “on leave” from his teaching position, Salcido has defiantly said he’s not going anywhere, belligerently refusing resign. The city council passed a resolution asking him to step down which he is ignoring and the local school board, his employer, had a meeting with almost 1,000 in attendance who were demanding he be fired.

Other meetings have had similar public expressions of anger from the community. Archuleta also comments that Salcido is not representative of the other teachers in their school district and that he has no interest in speaking with him whatsoever. It’s just time for him to go.

That “brilliant, high level” thinking of Salcido has managed to mobilize an entire community against him and much of the United States. It’s pretty easy to spot the real dumb*** in all of this.

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