Tapes Of Lynch, Bill Clinton Tarmac Conversation May Be Subpoenaed For Testimony

lorretta lynch grassley

Last week Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley (R-IA) and ranking member Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) agreed to have former Attorney General Loretta Lynch come before their committee to do some explaining. She’s been exposed by former FBI Director James Comey as having colluded with the Clintons and the Hillary Clinton campaign in the decision not to prosecute her for her espionage and other crimes. The committee worded the appearance as them being to “examine then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s involvement in the Clinton email server investigation.” Maybe they meant to call it a matter.

Obama, Lynch, Comey, Clinton, her criminal cadre and their deep state cronies are smart cookies. They know they got away with a big one and are smart enough to count their blessings, leaving well enough alone, right? Nope. Democrats never stop, that is their strength and it is also their weakness. Possibly it’s a weakness that will, in this instance, land them all before a judge and jury.  The first consequences of their power lust and greed getting the better of them may become evident, not in the DOJ prosecution of Clinton we expected, but in the information revealed or withheld by Loretta Lynch before the Judiciary Committee.

The New York Post points out that “The findings of the powerful panel, which has oversight of the Justice Department and FBI, could lead to a separate criminal investigation and the naming of another special counsel — exactly what Trump needs to distract attention from his growing legal woes.” They’re overstating his legal position but the point is well taken.

Questions or topics likely to come up in the still unscheduled hearing include:

  • Her insistence that Comey call the investigation a “matter,” the same language used by the Clinton campaign.
  • Her refusal to recuse herself after her tarmac rendezvous will Bill Clinton five days before she was interviewed by the FBI and eight days before Clinton was let off the hook.  
  • Concerns spurred by a NYT report that Lynch had assured the Clinton campaign she would not allow the investigation to “go too far” and keep FBI agents on a short leash. It was an intercepted message from DNC Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz that exposed that evidence.
  • Lynch also demanded and received Clinton-friendly compliance from Comey in generous immunity deals, favorable ground rules and the near absence of grand jury subpoenas as well as, the Post points out, a rush to shut down the investigation prior to the Democrat National Convention.
  • They may also raise the issue of notes taken, which would be subject to subpoena or others in the room during conversations who might also be compelled to testify. Additionally, taping systems were in place in the Lynch government-owned aircraft so her conversation with Bill Clinton aboard the plane was likely captured and could be subject to subpoena as well.

Was she telling the truth when she claimed that their discussion was limited to his golf game and their grandkids?  Of course not and now we’re going to all learn just how dishonest she was. The over / under for invoking the Fifth Amendment opens at 90 times.


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9 Comments on Tapes Of Lynch, Bill Clinton Tarmac Conversation May Be Subpoenaed For Testimony

  1. Thomas Oakley // June 22, 2017 at 10:30 pm // Reply

    Just wondering that a point the post brings up: was a gov owned aircraft……..did lynch go to to clintons aircraft? If so his(?) was not a gov owned so their should not be any gov tapes? Now if they met in lynches plane……..they have had how long to clean up any tapes……heck they have had time to have had another meeting and make a new set of tapes. When so long a time has gone by, it makes you wonder how true any recorded data could be?

    • my understanding, from when I read it a few months ago, was that the recording is done remotely, – just like at my house only lynch supposedly knew about it – I supposedly do not – lol

  2. Shirley Freeland // June 22, 2017 at 9:35 pm // Reply

    Loretta Lynch is not going to tell the truth. She will lie about everything. It is a waste of time. Need to get the tapes and find out for themselves. They lied to begin with so who thinks they will tell the truth now? If you are wanting to talk about your grandchildren you would do it over the phone and not get two planes to fly you somewhere to meet to talk about grandchildren. How stupid did both of them think Americans are. We knew better than that from the start.

  3. Too late, the tapes are already in Caliph Obama’s Library hidden for 5 years.

  4. STOP PROCRASTINATING! JUST DO IT! How obvious does this blatant example of collusion have to be before enforcement proceeds? Comey, Lynch, Hillary, her staff, Bill and the DNC were all complicit in the Democrat’s effort to shut down the FBI’s “security review,” NO!, the “matter,” NO! THE CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION of Hillary Rodham Clinton for her extreme carelessness (i.e., “gross negligence”) in the handling of highly classified national security information, her directed spoliation (deletion) of evidence, and her lies under oath (perjury) about it to the House Benghazi Committee.

    INDICT, TRY, CONVICT AND INCARCERATE HER! (And btw, NONE of the statutes governing the aforementioned offenses require that there be ANY showing of “intent” on the part of the accused.)


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