Take That OPEC – After 44 Years President Trump Restoring American Energy, Security, Prosperity

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President Trump made good in part on another of his promises with the signing of an executive order on Friday that moves to once again allow the United States to develop our oil and gas resources. In the Seventies the CFR globalist establishment put America last and cut off our access to our own domestic oil through a contrived shortage. Efforts to expand our domestic production levels were denied, apparently in anticipation of future events as we were increasingly steered into a position of dependence upon imports, largely from the Persian Gulf. We were told America was running low on oil and that we had to conserve and look elsewhere for our supplies. It was an obvious farce then and it’s been proven to be one through the reserve estimates through to present day.

There was a political and exploitative motive to enriching the Middle East Gulf States at our expense, one that the establishment has done a thorough job of hiding. It was just too convenient the way OPEC formed in 1960 and just over a decade later, having secured control over what was presented as enough of our supply to cripple us and force us to pay their extortionist demands for price increases, led to the incredible wealth that the Gulf States still enjoy today.  Syria and Egypt, neither of which is an OPEC member or major oil producer, played a role in creating the supposed incident, the Yom Kippur War, that gave them the pretext to choke our supply and to never relax their grip.

Maybe OPEC opportunists got lucky, maybe there’s more to the story. What matters in the US is not the pretext for cutting off our access to foreign oil or the extreme price increases, but that we never responded as we should have and, through poor and seriously compromised leadership, allowed the oil exploitation to continue ever since. America’s well being, our energy independence and economic growth were minor considerations of the caretaker figure head globalist toady presidents. They suppressed Americans as they submitted to the wishes of their foreign masters, like the Saudis that George W. Bush held hands with on his Crawford Ranch or Hussein Obama bowed to.

Rather than increase domestic production, which would have been the appropriate response, the United States continued to fabricate excuses for remaining subservient and kowtowing to foreign manipulation, with the farcical environmental ones being favorites. The oil was still drilled and consumed regardless, the main difference being that the riches went to foreign nations, some of which are our enemies and cultural adversaries, instead of into our own treasury. That stupidity has continued up until today, or actually, until last Friday.

The short-sighted, profiteering-based idiocy and treachery is beginning to come to an end as if should have forty years ago. President Trump  initiated an action, taking the first steps towards returning us to energy prosperity. America isn’t trying to pretend wind and solar are real, practical energy any longer, the last chapter of that fairy tale was hopefully closed on January 20th. We already have lived the proof that windmills and solar panels are not wealth builders but wealth destroyers and that they are also incapable of meeting but a small and inconsistent portion of our demands. Now it’s back to real energy and that comes from the end of a drill rig and President Trump’s pen.

At the signing President Trump said, “This executive order starts the process of opening offshore areas to job creating energy exploration. It reverses the previous administration’s arctic leasing ban.” He repeats that important point, saying, “So, hear that, it reverses the previous administration’s arctic leasing ban. Our country is blessed with incredible natural resources, including abundant offshore oil and natural gas reserves. But the federal government has kept 94 percent of these offshore areas closed for exploration and production.”

Trump emphasizes, “And when they say closed, they mean closed. This deprives our country of potentially thousands and thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in wealth. I pledged to take action and today I am keeping that promise.”

He notes the benefits of reduced energy costs for Americans, job creation and improved national security that will result from this action as well as the prosperity and wealth building for our nation that it will also allow to take place. Finally, someone is taking the action we’ve been clamoring for since the days of Richard Nixon.

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3 Comments on Take That OPEC – After 44 Years President Trump Restoring American Energy, Security, Prosperity

  1. Watcher (Nancy) // May 1, 2017 at 3:00 am // Reply

    +This “executive order”… will open up restricted areas for BIG OIL…. to make bigger profits.

    BIG OIL is BIG OIL, makes no difference whether the drilling is done in the Gulf of Mexico (BP) or in Alaska (Exon Valdez)… or in the oil basin in Texas… it is controlled by the consortium of BIG OIL.

    Please let us stop fooling ourselves about ‘whose best interests’ are being served.

    • Rick Wells // May 1, 2017 at 4:57 am // Reply

      The oil companies provide the mechanism and the product – if they get big as a result and our nation, our people and yes, the oil companies get rich too – it’s fine by me. I don’t expect them to work for free and they won’t unless there is a profit to be made – this isn’t socialism and the standard of living that “big oil” has provided to the Middle East as we were being suffocated by the globalists is something we, as the rich country that we are, should be sharing in, but haven’t been allowed to for my entire adult life. Libya did quite well, was actually a wonderful country to it’s people due to the oil riches they had which were from our wallets – I love big oil and big wealth, properly regulated and not operating in a fascistic manner but within the Constitution – bring in the rigs – In North Dakota they make $17 an hour at fast food due to the competition for jobs and it goes up from there across the board.

  2. Without delving into the ugliness of some previous administrations, we can say this is a nice step towards rewarding those responsible for 9/11.

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