System To Label Conservative Speech As Fake News Now A Reality On Social Media

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The old saying goes “You don’t know what you don’t know.” That adage will now be a daily feature of Facebook as censorship of non-establishment media comes to the social media mainstream. The feeds that are many people’s first look at the news of the day that may be of interest will now be screened and crafted to present “acceptable content.”

The narrative of fake news is an attempt by the leftist, the major purveyors of actual fake news, to eliminate their opposition, censorship in a land of supposed free speech. Often fake news means the provider is conservative, small, and beyond control of the CFR oligarchy. Now they’ll be able to drive their opposition out of business by mounting coordinated attacks on websites who divert from the official, government and establishment approved information.

It’s interesting that the story reporting on this development in the Business Insider identified the nature of the problem with a “fake example,” contending that was part of what got folks upset. They stated, “Facebook received heated criticism for its role in spreading a deluge of political misinformation during the US presidential election, like one story that falsely said the Pope had endorsed Donald Trump.” Nobody in the Clinton and establishment media camps, who are behind this push, cares about that story. What they objected to is the truth being told about Hillary Clinton.

The “fake news” that cost Clinton the election was the WikiLeaks, DC Leaks, Comey, Huma and Weiner, Clinton Foundation, Government email stories, her health questions and her criminal activity that the mainstream media avoided like the plague. They are what demonstrated to the public that she is a common criminal who can’t be trusted. Those are the stories they couldn’t suppress and what they are now taking steps to remove from the public arena to prevent similar free access to damaging information in the future.

Now it will be up to screeners, four at first, to determine if they believe a story is true. If they believe it and presumably, it’s not too damaging to their agenda, the rest of us may get to see it. If not, it’s buried with a warning label applied. We know that Facebook leans strongly to the left and that conservative posts critical of the regime and the globalists, their invasion, Islam and George Soros are regularly pulled or choked in distribution. There is no reason to doubt that those parameters and treatments will be any different under a system with this much power, so easy to abuse.

The four initial organizations granted this decision-making power of life or death for content are Snopes,, ABC News, and PolitiFact. While the others have had their moments of less-than-objectivity to be sure, ABC News is mainstream liberal content to the exclusion of all else. How can they be expected to be objective or promoted as being such? That’s starting the fake news screening pool with “fake news screeners,” completely undermining any credibility the system might have.

While we’re all grownups who should be capable of determining what is fake news and what is not, the labeling needs to be applied in both directions if it is to be conducted. Claims by the MSM that there was nothing to the email scandals throughout the election should have been labeled as fake. There’s also the converse issue of their ignoring Clinton’s health issues, her cheating on debates and her network collusion, as well as the content of the WikiLeaks. All were barely covered. It’s hard to label a story that they simply never write. When the conservative efforts to inform the public are made inaccessible, it effectively eliminates the speech component of our First Amendment.

Maybe the solution is to break up the Facebook monopoly on information, to return to the free exchange of ideas on the Internet that is what was at the heart of its explosive growth and popularity. People don’t like others making the decision of what they are able to access. The problem with this situation, is they’ll never know it happened. The news just won’t appear in their feeds. They won’t know what they don’t know.

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