Syria Population Relocation Opportunity – Carlson Blasts MSM White Supremacist Propaganda

Tucker Carlson syria attack


Tucker Carlson addresses the frenzied media who have taken a brief hiatus from their incessant pillorying of President Trump to lavish praise on him for following in the footsteps of George W. Bush in a thus far limited strike on Syria. It’s an act which could easily and literally blow up on us, forcing more refugees to flee, which could be the underlying reason the left is supportive. Their invasion of the US would be “forced to be sped up,” in order to deal with the escalating “humanitarian crisis” that the military action could be claimed to have produced.

While it would be more effective, cheaper and preferable to the Syrians to provide safe zones in their country, that type of thing doesn’t serve the greater purpose of cultural dilution of the United States and their global government ambitions, importation will get the nod and it will come from virtually everybody in power. That’s what Merkel and the EU did in Europe with the dead child washed up on a beach and it’s what the global government pushers will do here, with what we’re being told was a chemical weapons attack on children.

Whether it was conducted by Assad or the establishment allies al-Qaeda is immaterial to their utility to the globalists. The images have been created, the blame will be assigned in the most agenda beneficial manner for and by the elite. They will attempt to force the European-style floodgates of Syrian humanity wide open in both Europe and the US.

It’s one possible explanation for why the left has reversed their position on the President, but Tucker Carlson has other questions. He quotes media leftists, like always blaming the right, who recognize and oppose where this all could easily be headed. The penalty in this discussion for not being compliant victimized sheep, is to be described  as racists and women haters.

He says, “The reviews are in on last night’s attack on Syrian air fields, the media loved it, so did John McCain and, as you heard, Lindsey Graham too. Most of official Washington was thrilled, even many Democrats in Congress, the ones who were denouncing the President as a Nazi and a Russian agent simultaneously just twenty minutes ago, managed to say nice words about last night’s mission, which was nice.”

Carlson references a Politico article that describes those who are not onboard with the popular action as being members of “Trump’s troll army, racists and conspiracy mongers.” That’s “ignorant rednecks” in politically incorrect language they would never use on the record. Carlson points out, “The New York Times came to the same conclusion, noting that the strongest opposition to bombing Syria came from ‘the small but influential white nationalist movement.'” Naturally, when they have talking points and official Democrat propaganda to get out, their main mouthpieces are all going to be shoveling out of the same manure wagon.

Carlson continued, saying, “The Washington Post agreed with this assessment, saying the war’s critics hold ‘racist, anti-Semitic and sexist’ views.” He asks, “Why would white supremacists oppose the bombing of a non-white country? Wouldn’t they be for it?” Carlson points out, “That part was never explained, by the way, just asserted, because it makes no sense.

He adds, “It’s literally absurd, but so much news coverage is not news, but propaganda, designed to smear and deceive rather than to inform. The news on this topic has never been faker.”

Carlson’s correct, the left’s propaganda does exactly that, attempting to divert attention from what is going on so we won’t realize we’ve seen this movie before. Hopefully President Trump sees the trap that’s been set.


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  1. Soros-linked group is behind chemical attacks in Syria!

  2. Syrian refugees must be relocated to countries with THEIR OWN continent!

  3. Tucker is correct. Our news has never been faker. The following link will take you to a pretty good dissertation on the subject:

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