Syria Attack – ISIS False Flag To Give Establishment Their War With Assad, Russia

syria gas attack assad russia


It seems that the easy thing to do in looking at the likely chemical weapons attack in Syria would be to jump on the bandwagon with the mainstream propagandists, joining them, the Democrats, John McCain and the Military Industrial Complex in the condemnation of Syria for the attacks. That would be the easy route, it’s the direction we’re being nudged in, but the more likely culprits are the ISIS and other “rebel terrorist” allies of John McCain, Hussein Obama and the establishment. One would have to think Assad is a complete idiot to believe he did this. Whatever one thinks of Assad, he’s not an idiot.

Ahmet Üzümcü the Director-General of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) of the UN certified on 23 June, 2014 in The Hague that the last of Syria’s declared chemical weapons had been shipped out of the country for destruction. Of course it’s possible that some remained hidden or that more have been imported in the meantime, but the UN believed and certified they were gone.

It’s also unlikely that Assad would bring international condemnation down upon himself by creating child victims. The area hit is held by McCain and Obama’s terrorist allies, the ISIS enemies of Assad. Can we imagine ISIS killing innocent women and children? Yes, that’s their specialty. They could wait until a Syrian jet flew overhead, if they wanted to, and then launch their own pre-staged chemical attack or they could just launch it and let the video and their narrative do the work.

The benefit to the terrorists would be to vilify Assad and possibly make him think twice before launching air strikes on their positions. These would not be the first disputed claims of responsibility for chemical or other attacks and there is plenty of evidence to indicate a terrorist false flag may have taken place. Assad gains absolutely nothing by attacking his own women and children but the terrorists gain immensely from the unanimous international outrage against their adversary.

The RT report, while obviously generated by the Russia media outlet, offers some of the only reporting that is not accepting at face value the assertions that Assad is guilty and there are many sound arguments against the popular narrative, made both by the reporter who previously saw similar acts in Aleppo, as well as counter terrorism expert, Charles Shoebridge. He notes this is not the first time an attack that was supposedly carried out by Assad has happened at a beneficial time for the globalist supported terrorists. A major EU, UN joint hosted meeting coincidentally is set for the following day.

It’s also noteworthy that President Trump is now put into a position of either joining in the condemnation of Assad and Putin or being further characterized as being in the tank for Russia. It’s a brilliant play on the part of the globalists and all they had to do is kill a few kids and women, with a few men thrown in for good measure.

The ABC report is the predictable propaganda all the way, but inadvertently points to indicators that the terrorists and their establishment political left allies might have been motivated to stage a false flag attack. The reporter says, “Just last week Tillerson signaled a significant change in longtime US policy that Bashar al-Assad must go.” They play a clip of Tillerson saying Assad’s future would be decided by the Syrian people. It makes no sense that Assad would, in the face of that change of position by the US, act in a manner that would undermine it. It makes perfect sense that the terrorists who already hold the area would gas a few Syrians and blame their enemy.

The ABC report ends with a subjective statement that the Syrians victims are trying to survive Assad’s brutality, but there is no ABC presence in the area of the attack. They’re getting second or third hand information and are assigning guilt based upon little more than the assertions of the terrorists and civilians who are at the mercy of terrorists who control their city. Those are not very objective or credible sources, but it does reinforce the Obama / establishment line and effort we heard many times while he was still the public face of the war-mongers, “Assad must go.”

This event doesn’t pass the false flag smell test; too many things just don’t make sense. McCain, Obama and the Democrats have been itching to get us into a war with Russia. Is that what this is about?

The propagandists on the left want war, and they’re already convinced Assad and Putin did it and Trump must retaliate.

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