The Swamp Remains – An Attack On Syria Is Not Giving Us Our Country Back

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For many avid and loyal Trump supporters who were his staunchest advocates during the campaign and since, there have been some concerning signals of late, which really began to openly manifest themselves with his attacks against the Freedom Caucus. Others, like the distancing of Steve Bannon or the ascension of Jared Kushner, weren’t so dramatic. But the trend does seem to be towards including the opposition, the establishment swamp creatures he promised to free us of, in government positions and in the substance of policy.

We stuck with Mr. Trump through thick and thin because we recognized that he, in that incarnation, was what America needed and we trusted him to remain true. If we had wanted Lindsey Graham, Jeb Bush or John Kasich as president, we would have voted for them. We didn’t want what they were selling then but now we’re getting doses of it anyway.

Trump critics and war-mongers Graham and McCain are thrilled that President Trump attacked a Syrian Air Base and can’t wait until he does the same thing with Russia. Has Trump at last “learned his lesson” and decided to play by their establishment rules? It is now more unlikely the “refugee” levels will be reduced as we were promised. The refugees, including those disguised as terrorists, are still coming in at the Obama levels when it would be a simple matter to set new vetting standards. The strike on the Syrian airfield could provide the pretext if President Trump wanted to use it, as a “precaution against terrorist, Syrian agent or ‘Russian sympathizer’ retaliation.”

Where there is a will there’s a way to thwart the Islamic conquest lobby if the desire to do so is genuine. Incorporate the same standards and verification that most Americans must go through to get a job or car insurance into vetting and you’d eliminate much of the problem without an executive order. Take the UN out of the screening process or add a secondary “Allstate” screening – put us in good hands with no substandard carriers allowed. None of this would be outside the scope of the President’s authority and it would be quite effective and defensible.

The only illegals presently targeted for deportation are the convicted criminals that Kasich would have likewise excluded from his amnesty. Employers still scoff at laws prohibiting them from hiring illegals and aid and abet them in identity theft without any legal repercussions. If AG Sessions would simply charge a few of these predatory employers and fine or jail them, there would be a scramble for American employees the likes of which has never been seen before.

Many in the silent majority are increasingly fearful of once again losing their voice. Hillary Clinton is back in campaign mode with no indication she has any concern for her future liberty. The Podesta brothers are still open for business selling influence and access. Hussein Obama is organizing and fomenting civil unrest from his secret Polynesian hideout.

Not wanting to be disloyal or perhaps not wanting to deal with the possibility of an unthinkable reality, many Trump supporters tell themselves to be patient, give him a chance, these things take time. The events brought with the passing of time do little to ease their anxiety or to answer the questions, “what’s taking so long?” and “why is this still happening?” We all remember the chants of “lock her up,” orchestrated from the stage of Trump rallies. Why did he go weak on that promise?

Is espionage okay now? Are the identity crimes, the greatest fraud ever perpetrated, of Hussein Obama suddenly not an issue? Sheriff Arpaio’s cold posse delivered an indictment to Congress on a silver platter, where are the hearings? Where is the grand jury? The deep state intelligence agencies appear to be dictating to the President what information he will and will not be provided access to. Why does he stand for it?

Is it acceptable to provide de facto pardons to Clinton and Obama by simply not charging them, when if those crimes were committed by everyday citizens they’d be locked up permanently? Which is worse, President Trump, selling a half pound of marijuana or stealing and selling American secrets and our Uranium to a foreign adversary? Apparently, the answer is the marijuana, because people actually go to jail for that crime.

Please, President Trump, remember who “brung you to the dance.” Attorney General Sessions serves at the pleasure of the President. He agrees with your campaign agenda. Turn him loose, for starters. We want our country back. We want our Donald Trump back.


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