Susan Rice Will Testify On UnMasking – Schumer Can’t Shield Her In The House

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In the wake of the outrage and condemnation following Senator Chuck Schumer’s meddling in the Senate Judiciary Committee’s calendar and blocking the testimony of Susan Rice, another arrangement has been worked out and she will testify before an intelligence committee. This time the questioning about her potential domestic spying on political opponents and the excessive unwarranted unmasking has been set for the House. It will be a private hearing, which removes the excuse of not being able to respond in a non-classified setting.

According to CNN, Rice will appear before the August Congressional recess. In April, Bloomberg’s Eli Lake reported that lawyers for the White House had discovered dozens of requests for the names of Trump transition team members and others affiliated with the campaign which had been redacted in raw intelligence reports. That is an exceptionally high number for the names to have appeared randomly and suggests they were being specifically targeted.

The concerns, which seem to be well-founded, are that the Obama regime was abusing the power of the office of the President to engage in spying and other political dirty tricks upon their political opponents. In the area of unmasking, Rice appears to have been at the forefront of those efforts, which have no connection to the Russian Trump collusion fairy tale. That means that Chairman Nunes should be available to participate, meaning we at least have one chance to get some real answers.

Interestingly, MSBNC’s Andrea Mitchell addressed those concerns in April, stating, “The allegation is that somehow the Obama administration officials utilized intelligence for political purposes. That’s absolutely false. One might wonder how she, a mere news reporter, would be privy to all of the information relating to the spying of the Obama regime, including the data collected by the deep state and through NSA surveillance.

Rice, who is at this point in her career probably best known as the serial liar who appeared on five Sunday talk shows in a row to portray the attack on the American facilities in Benghazi as a response to a video, what has been proven to have been lies that she knew were lies at the time she was telling them.

She doesn’t have a complicit White House covering for her this time around. She might want to answer the questions truthfully. Erin Pelton, a Rice spokesperson, told CNN, “Ambassador Rice is cooperating with bipartisan Russia investigations conducted by the Intelligence Committees as she said she would.” if she is, that’s great. Let’s see how long it lasts and how satisfied the few non-compromised representatives are with what will likely be most accurately described as “her performance.”


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