Susan Rice Said “Yes” To Senate Intel Committee – Trouble Lurked In The House

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An unnamed source told CNN that former Obama officials Susan Rice and Denis McDonough will appear before the Senate intelligence committee this week. It’s surely a charade of some type, as the chairman of that committee, Richard Burr (R-NC),  is so intent on finding something to lynch President Trump for he might as well be a Democrat.

His ranking member, Mark Warner (D-VA) conducts himself in their “bi-partisan” effort to nail the President that one might think he’s the chairman.  While Rice has agreed to come for a little chit-chat to the friendly combines of their hearing room, she cancelled her previously scheduled testimony before the House Intelligence Committee just a couple of days ago.

It’s noteworthy and telling that Rice cancelled her scheduled closed door testimony before the House Intelligence Committee but agreed to a later scheduled invitation from the Senate.

Is that odd, to cancel the one while booking the other? Not if you’re guilty and seeking to give the appearance of cooperation while being evasive. The testimony was likely scheduled solely as a diversion in an attempt to insulate not only Rice, but every other member of the Obama regime involved in spying on American citizens.

Additionally, she may or may not be sharing a table in the hearing with McDonough. If they do appear together, she’s dropped her question count  and her time in the hot seat by half right out of the gate.

We all witnessed what a bunch of anti-Trump pussycats these Senators are during the Comey hearings. We almost expected one of them to offer  him a shoulder rub and a pedicure before the thing ended.  Devin Nunes and the GOP House members aren’t so accommodating.

Equally important is the focus of the questioning. The House was expected to concentrate on the rampant illegal unmasking by Rice and other Obama officials, which has her and potentially others looking at serious prison time. The Senate is going to focus on the issue of when Obama “knew the Russians had hacked” the DNC and other election-related snipe hunting issues. They’re areas in which Rice presumably has no or much less legal exposure.

If anything, her testimony will be structured so that it lends credibility to the Russia, Russia, Russia never-ending investigation that keeps these Senators’ faces in front of voters and give the impression they’re actually doing something. Even though the testimony won’t be televised, their comments afterwards will be and there will be articles written about what happened.

She’ll testify behind closed doors for the Senate, use that as evidence for her subsequent claims of cooperation and transparency and dodge every request to reschedule while her comrades work behind the scenes to make sure it never happens.

Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) expressed it this way, saying, “I’m beginning to wonder if she has something to hide.” Rice’s behavior leaves little to the imagination.  She’s pulling a Clinton.


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  1. The House Intelligence Committee should subpoena her right now! She needs to have her “legs cut out from under her” before she slithers away.


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