Susan Rice Questioned By House Intel Committee About Her Illicit Unmasking Campaign

susan rice

Former national security adviser and serial unmasker Susan Rice was interviewed in a closed-door session by the House Intelligence Committee for a little more than four hours on Wednesday morning. It was scheduled as part of their investigation into the alleged Russia, Russia, Russia collusion with President Trump, a crime that is still lacking any evidence of having ever occurred.

The crimes that are starting to be begrudgingly given the attention the deserve by the committee, months beyond any hope of their witch hunt on Trump providing a case against him, involve Hussein Obama using the United States intelligence system as a political tool to assist Hillary Clinton in her quest for the presidency in 2016. That’s where Rice and her unmasking come into play.

She’s believed to have and evidence indicates she engaged in the unmasking of private conversations of President Trump as a candidate and many members of his team and others and then played a role in the information contained being broadly disseminated, acts of domestic espionage which are illegal.

The lawmakers were tight-lipped about the content of her testimony as they exited the Wednesday interview. Rep. Mike Conaway (R-TX), who took over the investigation after George Soros front groups falsely accused Rep Devin Nunes (R-CA) of ethics violations, said that Rice answered the Congressmen’s questions but declined to provide any other details. Ranking Democrat, Rep. Adam Schiff (CA), similarly refused to comment on the closed-door exchanges.

Schiff usually loves to talk to reporters in front of a camera. For him to demur when given an opportunity could indicate that all is not rosy for the Russia, Russia, Russia assault on President Trump and their attempt to shift the spotlight from the mountain of evidence of Obama and Clinton crimes. Could she have just spilled some beans? Did she refuse to answer some questions? The American people have a right to know the portions that are not protected as being classified. We understand why the criminals and their enablers might not want to share the information with us.

It could hamper their reelection efforts as well as get Rice and her Democrat comrades locked up in a prison cell, where they belong. Maybe now would be a good time to reconsider that security clearance HR McMaster extended for her.


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    Fire McNaster ASAP!

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