Susan Rice Can’t Help But Lie On Sunday – There’s NO PROOF, Ignore UK Attacks

susan rice

susan rice

Whenever Susan Rice is lying on television, it’s helpful to remember that she didn’t just decide while sitting in DC traffic on Wednesday or Thursday that she’d like to go and deliver some propaganda to the people of the United States. She was told by someone, probably her boss at the Brookings Institution, to expect a call from their friend George and to study the scripts he was handing her, along with a list of questions she was going to be asked.

The Obama administration’s “security professional,” who was personally spying on the GOP presidential candidates on behalf of the Muslim pretend “president,” did her homework. Armed with her disinformation, she went out to distort the truth, to tell her lies in support of the deep state and the previous, now-shadow administration. She’s not a good liar but she’s a dedicated and obedient political hack and she’ll say anything, no matter how unbelievable it is.

Rice tells the Democrat partisan Stephanopoulos, “Well, George, there’s really no evidence to suggest that by banning Muslims or banning Muslims from a particular set of six countries, that we would make ourselves here in the United States safer.” First of all, as she well knows, the President’s executive order is not a Muslim ban, it’s a pause in all visa issuance, regardless of religion.

Secondly, what does she mean by proof? There was no terrorism in America or anywhere else back in the days before the reckless Muslim importation push began. That’s pretty strong evidence in itself. How would she propose getting such proof other than by banning or deporting Muslims back to their home countries and recording the levels of offenses with them out of the potential offender pool? President Trump isn’t even proposing anything that extreme, though it’s an idea that is not without merit.

She attempts to legitimize the federal courts usurping President Trump’s authority

She says “that is why the courts thus far have been very skeptical of the travel ban.” Actually, the reason they’ve ruled against it is because they’re all political hacks posing as judges, appointed by her boss, Hussein Obama. They have personal relationships, known levels of corruption, or both, making them useful in Obama’s subversive anti-American activities.

Rice goes on to threaten us with harm if we are guilty of “stigmatizing and isolating Muslims from particular countries and Muslims in general.” She warns not to “alienate the very communities here in the United States whose cooperation we most need to detect and prevent these homegrown extremists from being able to carry out attacks.” They’re not homegrown, Rice, which would indicate they are Americans. Some were spawned here, true enough, but they hate this country just as much as Obama does. Those Islamists are not Americans in any way other than on paper, although that is an advantage they have over the former White House resident jihadi.

Those Muslims who are American on the inside need to stand and speak out against this affliction of Islamic terrorism. Their silence or acceptance, for whatever reason, is a tacit approval that discredits them and their religion. If they’re not willing to fight those who would destroy our country, they are not true Americans and don’t deserve the benefits of American citizenship or residency. 

This dunderhead, Rice, who clearly was given a recycled Jihadi Jeh Johnson script for this appearance, insists that we can’t defend ourselves. We have to let the enemy in, past the gates, so that others that we’ve made the mistake of already allowing in don’t attack us. Absolutely Brilliant.

Why, again, were they let in to begin with? If they’re so great and so worthy, why have the transplanted Muslims earned the distrust of so many Americans and why the hard sell from this political hack?


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  1. Seams Lynch’s and Rice’s script is written be the same group of people or person or they have identical chip implants.

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