Susan Rice – FBI Helping Her Hide, Syria Kept Her Off The News, But Not Forgotten

susan rice


With the focus of national attention shifting to Syria and concerns over the escalating tensions between the United States, Syria, Russia and others as well as the North Korea situation, the espionage activities of Susan Rice have pretty much fallen off of the news reports of the last week or so.

Bill O’Reilly asks a duo who were among the first to get the Rice story out, the Fox team of Adam Housley and Malia Zimmerman, for an update on the status of their investigation as well as the Rice espionage issue in general.

Housley says they’ve been told that members of the Intelligence committees say the investigation is expanding, that they’re looking into allegations of other Americans, including politicians being targeted, possibly unmasked and had their information collected, similar to what they did with the Trump team.

He says they’re also not going on the record at this point because there is an ongoing investigation and due to the Easter break. He relates being told by members of both the House and Senate intelligence committees that the FBI is really being difficult and stonewalling the production of information.

The questions the intelligence committees want to pose are centered around how frequently it was taking place, who was doing it and why they were being unmasked. Housley notes being told by one committee member, “Basically, they’re going to have to turn everything over, or we’re not going to authorize the Congressionally approved 702 program which allows them to do this in the first place. So, this investigation, Bill, is full blown.”

O’Reilly asks Zimmerman if the FBI is actively investigating the unmasking of Americans caught on taps.  Housley says it’s a web but that the multiple agencies have to work through the FBI. O’Reilly asks if the NSA, who are the gatekeepers of the information, harvesting and storing the data, are the problem. Zimmerman says it’s both the NSA and the FBI who are not cooperating, but they’ve been told “the FBI is much more difficult in terms of getting information.”

She point out that “James Comey has not come back to the Hill to be interviewed” and that the 100 questions that were never answered due to the public setting of the hearings by Rogers and Comey still go unanswered either in written form or verbally.

All fingers of responsibility are pointing at James Comey, with O’Reilly making the point that they need to get Attorney General Sessions involved, as Comey’s boss and instruct him to cooperate. They and the intelligence committee members are hoping that some whistleblowers will begin talking to the intel committees, which would really help to speed things up.

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