Surprise – DNC Deputy Ellison Lies About Trump Russia Collusion, CNN Host Calls It

ellison camerota


With his uncertain stuttering and jerky speech highlighting his attempts to distort the facts, the second in command at the DNC makes some typical untrue accusations about the President and his administration.

That fact, in and of itself is nothing new, the Democrats have been accusing Presidents Trump and Putin of sleeping together for months, since before he won the election. The tone has been getting progressively worse, possibly due to the frustration that an absence of evidence is making them look like the lying opportunistic hacks that they are.

Now actual new evidence from WikiLeaks indicates that the parties who signed the assessment that Obama special-ordered prior to his departure, that which identified the Russians as guilty of cyber warfare without any evidence to support it, may have themselves been responsible for faking the Russian “indicators” in order to frame the Trump administration. Those parties would be DNI James Clapper and CIA Director John Brennan, both of whom are now no longer in office.

It’s clear that DNC thug Keith Ellison overstepped even what he could get away with on CNN. They’re getting slightly sensitive about being exposed for fake news, so it’s got to be less sloppy than the shovels full of crap thrown around by this Congressional Jihadi.

Ellison calls it stunning and “far worse than Watergate when you believe a hostile foreign power engaged in an attempt and with the collusion of the sitting administration to manipulate an election.” Camerota cuts him off right there, saying, “Well you don’t know that, hold on, Congressman. Congressman you said with the collusion, there’s no evidence of collusion.”

Ellison  is doing his job, getting the words out into the public sphere. The fact that they are lies doesn’t make them that much less useful. Having been exposed, he backs down as she calls him out, saying, “Well we don’t know it, we don’t know it, we don’t know it.” That’s right, they don’t know it and he just said it. That’s how the dishonest, sleazy Democrats, led by this talking piece of fecal matter, advance their filthy anti-America agenda.

He continues, saying, “If people in the Trump administration are having meetings with Russian officials and it is around election time and we know that Russia’s wanted to turn this election into a certain direction, those meetings are important. I’m not saying there was collusion, I’m saying that those meeting indicate that there could be and I think that needs to be investigated. You see what I’m saying? I’m not making an accusation, I’m saying that there is ample basis for an investigation.”

Minus the weak inclusion of the qualifier of “when you believe to provide deniability, claiming there was collusion is exactly what Ellison was doing. He also claims it in his immediate and unconvincing tap dancing retraction. He’s busted, he expected to get away with the clumsy naked attacks and she didn’t allow it, for whatever reason, short of newly discovered integrity in their reporting. That’s not likely to happen.

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