Supreme Court Travel Ban Decision Likely Already Made, Due Any Time


President Trump’s jihadi importation reduction order, what is often referred to as a travel ban by the media and Democrats, is before The Supreme Court and has almost certainly already been decided. The Associated Press reports that the justices met on Thursday morning for their last regularly scheduled private conference in June and it is believed that they took a vote about whether to allow the President his rights to defend the country others have under the law.

A favorable ruling would allow the President to immediately resume enforcing a travel ban from six nations that have a higher than average probability that anyone entering the United States from them is a terrorist. Those nations also have no trustworthy database or method of vetting their potential travelers or any so-called “refugees.”

The court’s decision could come at any time and is expected no later than late next week. The justices then depart DC for their own speeches, teaching engagements and vacations.

The timing may hinge on whether there are dissenting opinions and those dissenters choose to make a public statement. In that case time would be allotted to write the statement and any rebuttal by the majority.

Five affirmative votes are needed to reinstate the ban and four to set the case for argument. Citizens of the nations of Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen are affected by the ban.

The justices could immediately allow the ban to take effect, with arguments slated for October, which would be after the 90 day period of the ban has expired and a review of screening procedures completed.

AP also notes that the administration also could issue a new ban that includes more countries or is permanent, or both. That might make the current case go away and also could give rise to new legal challenges.

They might opt for the “there’s nothing urgent to the terrorist threat” approach, keeping the ban in place while setting a date for a hearing in October, an option that might be acceptable to all of the justices if they are seeking a politically correct out in advance of going out into the American public.

They could also keep the ban from being reinstated while at the same time declining to review the lower court rulings, which would essentially end the case. One factor that makes that outcome less likely is that the SCOTUS usually likes to have the last word when a lower court strikes down a federal law or on presidential action.


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5 Comments on Supreme Court Travel Ban Decision Likely Already Made, Due Any Time

  1. Seems to me the judges are committing high treason and have NO authority here according to OUR Constitution. They should be disbarred and then jailed or executed for it, whichever our laws state, is the maximum penalty for treason in the high courts.

  2. With everything going down in London and surrounding areas, why is there NOT a more secure America? Damned liberal grandstanding! The “refugees” that are here were not properly vetted as so many liberals Senators and Congressmen have said. There is no practical way to vet any “refugees” from Syria or and of the other nations they flooded into. Most are more than likely NOT who they say they are, either. Put there restrictive ban in place and be damned with profiling cry babies. Keeping America safe is the first priority. We have never faced any kind of influx of “refugees” that had no intentions of assimilation or want to become Americans. Help fix their countries and send their happy a**es back!

  3. I simply cannot understand why there is such a problem with our country and/or any country deciding who is allowed inside our borders. This whole thing is absolutely ridiculous. I hope the ban is put in to effect and I hope it goes beyond the 90 days.

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