Supreme Court, Hawaii Jihadi Judge Agree – Terrorists With Family Welcome In US

watson supreme court

The Supreme Court has shown that they are far from the supreme beings their name might imply and for some members, their flawed judgment rates them as inferior beings. Those would be the justices who voted in favor of allowing unvetted terrorists from six Middle East hotbeds into the country if they have a cousin, niece, brother-in-law, any relative, already here.

No lone wolf should ever truly be alone and they’re not. The San Bernardino terrorists had family aware of what they were doing, first hand witnesses to their bomb factory in their little apartment. The Orlando Pulse nightclub perpetrator was on the phone to his wife during the attack.  The father of the New York chicken shop terrorist even called the FBI two years before his bombing because he had stabbed his brother and hit his mother. Families of Palestinian terrorists are honored and provided subsidies, their murderous offspring celebrated as heroes.

Terrorists have family too. It should not in any way be a factor in determining whether someone enters the United States if we lack other means of determining their potential threat level. Yet that is precisely what the Supreme Court has ruled should happen. They caved to the dictates of the Obama deep state hack, Hawaii so-called Judge Derrick Watson. They accepted his overruling of their and the President’s authority, allowing his greatly expanded list of relatives able to provide free terrorist access to America to stand.

If an America-hater has a relative of virtually or can fabricate one as a fiancé, it’s treated as immediate family for the purposes of getting a visa and perhaps, for killing infidels. At least the naive Court was able to recognize that they were being made fools of in another regard, that of the supposed “refugees,” and Watson’s dismissal of their ruling in that situation.

Watson, the one man government unto himself and Obama deep state plant, had ruled that working with a resettlement agency in the United States constituted a bona-fide relationship and therefore all of those individuals would be exempted from the President’s travel ban as well. That would have effectively gutted the ban as everyone entering the US as Middle East “refugees” does so through one of those for-profit invasion agencies. That was simply to obvious and too “in your face” for the Court to go along with it.

derrick watson

Jihadi Judge and Obama deep state plant Derrick Watson with “a like-minded” individual.

That portion of Jihadi Judge Watson’s decree was overturned by the court. AP reports that “Justices Samuel Alito, Neil Gorsuch and Clarence Thomas would have blocked Watson’s order in its entirety. Those same three justices said last month they would have allowed the Trump travel ban to take full effect.”

That means only two-thirds of the court are blind, appeasing, open borders idiots; how encouraging. The President can take the recommendation of the Supreme idiots and appeal the “everybody is a relative” ruling to the 9th Circuit Kangaroo Court if he chooses. He could legitimize their reckless, mindless game playing with the national security and safety of every American. Why bother? They’re terrorists too. They’ve just got a different role, attacking in a different manner.


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