Slow Suicide – NFL Brass Meet With Field Thugs, Opt For Two More Weeks of Turmoil

It’s a small, moral victory. The NFL owners and commissioner met with the demanding prima donna employees, getting a much deserved taste of what their remaining fans feel on…

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It’s a small, moral victory. The NFL owners and commissioner met with the demanding prima donna employees that they have both created and enabled and the feelings of it being a wasted day were present on all sides. Now they’re getting a taste of what their former fans are feeling when they attempt to sit and watch a game.

We can add the events of Tuesday to the other moral victories we enjoy every time the dwindling NFL attendance and revenue numbers are announced. Still the owners and Goodell insist on catering to their thug employees. Head injuries are supposed to be confined to the players, but the league is behaving as if it’s a requirement for membership in their clique.

The owners and Roger Goodell met with the spoiled rich kids and their union and accomplished absolutely nothing. No law was laid down by the useless Roger Goodell or their largely gutless owners that players would be required to respect the nation, their fans or our symbols.

It turned out to be just what it should have been, the owners being subjected to the same frustrations and irritation that they’ve been forcing upon those fans who stubbornly want to remain faithful to a league that couldn’t care less about them.

Roger Goodell is being criticized by the blabber mouth sports caster in the video for having spent part of the meeting reading the Boston Globe on his laptop. Maybe he was reading the classifieds, sensing that, as Jerry Glanville has phrased it, he’s not for long with the NFL.

The talking sportscast libtards supporting the anti-American field thugs also were shocked that, when the topic of Colin Kaepernick was raised, management immediately called for a bathroom break. Maybe there’s a word association trigger at work that sent them all running for the stalls or perhaps they felt a certain queasiness at the mention of the name of the guy who started all of this mess.   [VIDEO BELOW]

Nothing got accomplished and for many of us anxious to see the players laid off and forced to get the kind of jobs the rest of us have that’s a good thing. To see their salaries collapse and rosters cut, and the values of the owners’ franchises tumble would be that special kind of feel good news that doesn’t come around that often.

They’re supposed to meet again in a couple of weeks. Hopefully it will be a repeat of today and the slide towards the NFL suffering a fate similar to the USFL or the Arena League will continue, to a time when their memorabilia really become collectors items.

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6 Comments on Slow Suicide – NFL Brass Meet With Field Thugs, Opt For Two More Weeks of Turmoil

  1. They think that once they stop, will not be because they changed their ideology, the fans will come back. I hope not and hope they go belly up. Put the thugs on the street.

    This all started going bad when the thugs started taking over the sport.

  2. roger williams // October 18, 2017 at 9:43 pm // Reply

    As the fans exit the stadiums and the costs associated with this game their pockets will begin to jingle !
    Maybe for the first time in years they will celebrate the holidays with their families with money to spare ?
    Hinayana baked hams will be on every table with all the trimmings!
    This is going to be a blessing on our families.

  3. Rick, I was feeling a little sheepish at the gleeful thought that these crybabies are in the midst of destroying the NFL, but I see you are just as happy. That gives me “permission” to keep on jumping for joy when I see how totally stupid the whole organization is. Every day we see more examples of “Liberalism = insanity”

  4. America can survive very well without all of the vain, pampered and overpaid professional athletes; but we cannot survive as a constitutional republic without those brave men and women who have signed an IOU up to and including their lives to fight on foreign soil under OUR flag so that we can sleep safe and secure in OUR beds on OUR soil.

    If they don’t want more significant economic impact on their bottom line, EVERY owner should send a strong message to their players that they must do their social justice demonstrating ON THEIR OWN TIME, NOT MINE!

  5. what we call people like this in the Marine Corps, GUTLESS WONDERS, and that’s ALL THEY ARE.
    and WHY? do foot ball players EVEN NEED A DAMN UNION?
    craftsmen do like i was who ACTUALLY WORK FOR A LIVING DO

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