Suddenly Graham Is Trump’s Best Ally – Asking Questions Nobody Else Will

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For whatever reason Lindsey Graham has become one of the more vocal and on face value objective supporters of President Trump, standing in opposition to his being railroaded by the Democrats. Like him or not, and who can say they’ve ever met a Lindsey Graham fan, he’s one of the few Republicans willing to go on television and describe the Democrat Snipe Hunt on President Trump for what it really is.

On Sunday’s Face the Nation program, Graham put Democrats and the establishment swamp creatures on notice. He’s asked “What do you want to know from Attorney General Sessions?” It’s a limited scope question that assumes he does in fact want to know something. From his answer it’s apparent he’s coming up with filler material and nothing really bothers him much about the DOJ under Sessions. His warning and intent to expand his questioning involves other individuals and events.

Graham replied, “I want to know is it true what Comey said. Did you create an atmosphere there that people believed that you could not fairly render judgment on the President’s interactions with Comey.” Graham may want to check the calendar, but the delay in approving nominees by the Democrats may actually work in President Trump’s favor on this one.”

ABC News reports that the meeting between Comey and Trump took place on February 14th, oddly, if that is true, they shared dinner on Valentine’s Day.  There could be a whole other and more legitimate reason why Comey felt uncomfortable, being fearful some deep state hack might get the wrong idea.

 They reported, “Shortly after his Feb. 14 meeting with Trump, however, Comey had an in-person meeting with Sessions and ‘implore[d] the Attorney General to prevent any future direct communication between the President and me.'”

So we are to believe that Sessions, the supposed Napoleon, who has conducted himself as a gentleman and a statesman throughout his entire career of public service, was at first approachable and Comey was comfortable confiding in him and expressing his concerns about the President. “Cowardly Comey,” who stood up to President Bush with his buddy Robert Mueller, wasn’t initially afraid, but later became terrified of the much shorter, mild-mannered Attorney General. All of this supposedly happened on a compressed timetable that was the result of Democrat Obstructionism. That’s quite an accusation. Surely Comey has a few more memos laying around to substantiate these claims as well.

Graham has two more questions he wants answered, “I want to hear from Loretta Lynch. Did you say, ‘Please call it a matter, not an investigation?’ And I want Comey to come to our committee, because I know on two separate occasions he has told members of the House and the Senate that the main reason he jumped into the election last year and took over the job of Attorney General, was because he believed there were emails between the Democrat National Committee and the Department of Justice that compromised the Department of Justice and he thought the Russians were going to release these emails. That’s why he jumped in and took over Loretta Lynch’s job. I want to know is that true.”

John Dickerson points out that Comey’s now claiming that email may have been fake. The email ruse isn’t working on Senator Graham, who countered that a month ago Comey discussed the memo with the Senate and didn’t mention that he thought it was fake then. Graham says, “I don’t know if it was fake or not, but the FBI called me about this, John, and said that they wanted to brief me ‘because I’ve got some of this wrong.’ I saw the Washington Post story. I doubt if it’s fake, maybe it is, but I don’t want to be briefed by myself. I want Democrats and Republicans on the Judiciary to be briefed together. Our committee has been together and we’re going to stay together.

Graham’s not only put the Dems, Loretta Lynch specifically, on notice that she can expect to be called to testify, but he’s flipped the attempt by the FBI deep state to initiate an off-the-record meeting to tamp down the Graham “hotspot” into a bipartisan testimony on-the-record. Examination of that letter will be demanded and questions surrounding the related decision making and events will be asked at a hearing or briefing. The crafty Graham has manipulated the FBI into using gasoline to douse the “hotspot.

It’s a strange turn of events, to watch Senator Graham in a role other than the establishment call-boy that he’s been throughout his Senate career. It’s puzzling, but at face value a welcome development.

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12 Comments on Suddenly Graham Is Trump’s Best Ally – Asking Questions Nobody Else Will

  1. Deplorable Doctor // June 12, 2017 at 5:32 pm // Reply

    Lindsey Graham has become one of the more vocal and on face value objective supporters of President Trump, because Nooky Haley will run for his Senate Seat!

    • Nooky Haley – that’s good

    • It seems early for him to start prepping for re-election. The b’tard’s term doesn’t end until 2020. He could be setting the table for a run against Trump in 2020. Or, more likely, he’s going to become one of the “good guys” in voter’s eyes so he’ll have some level of credibility when the time comes for him to act against Trump on behalf of the military-industrial complex. I just cannot imagine he’s doing this without McCain’s diabolical concurrence.

  2. Face the facts, that Graham dude is a wack. What ever the hell wack is; it’s Graham.

  3. Yes, one can get all their news from Rick Wells. Amazing scope of his reporting. He covers it all references/citations.

  4. With Lindsay Graham, one should always look for an ulterior motive for everything he says or does. I’m not sure what it might be in this case, and I won’t speculate; but, as you say, it’s nice to have him delving into some important areas that other Republicans didn’t. His pointed questions have got to be intimidating for the slithering “swamp critters,” especially Comey (“the leaker”), Loretta Lynch, Hillary, Bill, and the rest of the colluding, obstructing Democrats. (Do you remember when HRC was first asked about what the FBI was doing regarding her activities, and she claimed that they were doing a “security review?”) LIE!

    • The b’tard is probably positioning himself for some significant move. Don’t know what it might be. But, it’s safe to bet we aren’t gonna like it. He is a very venomous resident of the D.C. swamp.

  5. This duplicitous hack has an agenda, we just don’t know what it is yet. A neocon who has never had our interests at the fore front.

  6. Kelleigh Nelson // June 12, 2017 at 6:00 am // Reply

    Oh boy, this is creepy, he’s suddenly a friend of Trump’s when he has hated everything Trump stands for…gives me the willies….love yer work Rick, using some of it in another upcoming article. I don’t know how you write so fast, takes me forever doing research and documentation, thanks for being there.

  7. Perhaps Lindsey and John decided to adopt a good guy, bad guy posture? Or, maybe Lindsey suddenly discovered his buddy has lost control of his rotten little mind?

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