Subversives Schumer, Matt Lauer Attack Trump For Defending USA

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Matt Lauer gets together with his comrade, Chuck Schumer, who seems to have gathered himself from Sunday’s “tearful” emotional breakdown over President Trump enforcing our borders against terrorists. He’s awaiting a phone call from the members of the Motion Picture Academy on the future of his acting career but in the meantime he’s sticking with his day job, destroying America. Even things as basic as the graphics for the Today show reflect their liberal bias. They refer to the President as “Trump” but the corrupt Senator as “Sen. Schumer.” They also include his characterization of the executive order as “un-American,” as if that were a fact, knowing the intellect and discernment limitations of their audience.

With only a passing reference to his pathetic display of the previous day as “you got very upset about this,” which should have been “You pretended to get very upset about this” if Lauer weren’t a propagandist and were actually a newsman, the charade to deceive America goes on.”

After stating that everybody who’s been paying attention knew this was coming in some form or another, he asks Schumer “Is it the breadth of the order, the implementation of it, the message, what?” Schumer cutely replies “Yes,” to the multiple choice question.

What bothers him, supposedly, is that it was done in “such a sloppy and careless way.” He then lies, as is typical, saying, “Major agencies, the Border Patrol, Customs didn’t even know about it. There were major holes in how it was done. It almost seems like back of the envelope. So even for those who might be for this, I am certainly opposed, the slap-dash way it was done was appalling and created the chaos.”

No, you despicable, pandering, communist snake, the agencies were fully aware the implementation was taking place – it was announced in an executive order, remember? Everybody with a television or Internet hookup who cared to know, knew, including those officials within the administration. The fact that they chose not to warn the terrorists in advance of the specific date and time prevented them from scheduling their flight to beat the deadline, something you also know. It was stated by White House Chief Of Staff Priebus on Sunday, perhaps you caught the video after recovering from your breakdown?

It’s interesting that anytime these liberals need the support of a RINO to provide themselves with cover, John McCain or Sweet Little Lindsey Graham is making statements supporting the establishment position. In this instance McCain takes a time out from arming ISIS and al-Qaeda in Syria to make a statement regarding the matter of his terrorist allies entering the United States. Predictably he’s saying that keeping terrorists out will make us less safe. There’s no surprise there from the Muslim Brotherhood princess Huma Abedin’s number one GOP supporter.

Schumer fills in where the finally departed Jihadi Jeh Johnson left off, saying “It will encourage lone wolves here in America,” and diverts the conversation to other terrorist vulnerabilities such as the “visa waiver program” as if not fixing everything in one fell swoop somehow invalidates the positive efforts undertaken. Maybe if the President had his cabinet in place he could take more comprehensive actions, if the Senate Democrats weren’t engaged in such obstruction. But more likely this sniffling and sniveling America-hater would just attack him for trying to do too much too quickly.

Schumer also lies about Rudy Giuliani, incorrectly quoting him as saying this was a Muslim ban. Giuliani specifically stated in the video linked here from an interview on Judge Jeanine Pirro’s program that it was not.

Schumer and the Democrats are not interested in the security of America, they’re attacking efforts to secure it in order to open us up for globalization. We’re at war in America, against radical Islam and against the Marxist / Fascist globalists attacking us from within. These two, Lauer and Schumer, are the enemy, subversives working to destroy this country through whatever means necessary or possible, including Islamic terror.

They have to be resisted and defeated. It’s not going to be pretty and it is going to be very, very messy. Thank God there’s a man of Donald Trump’s composition in the White House to lead us through it.

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