Stuttering Pelosi Can’t Answer What’s New Or Better In “New Better Deal”

nancy pelosi

Empty skull Nancy Pelosi was a guest on Fox News Sunday in which she proudly displayed the Democrat’s latest regurgitation of an old plan for winning the hearts and minds of Americans or at least of generic voters in American elections of unknown origin, and lie their way back into power.

Labeled “A Better Deal,” the plan calls for a lot of things they are actually working against, most obviously, the first bullet item, “raise wages and incomes.” Since they are the chief proponents and agitators in pursuit of lower wages and incomes, largely through the importation of cheap foreign labor, facilitated by high legal immigration rates, virtually no interior enforcement and bare bones border enforcement, it’s difficult to see their agenda accomplishing a wage increase.

We had eight years to learn the lessons of what it means to have Democrats in power and only six months thus far to forget. We haven’t forgotten. She then lists three spending items with no indication of where the money will come from to pay for them, what sort of communist wealth redistribution scheme they might attempt to implement. The money has to be transferred from the pockets of the people to the coffers of the government somehow or their make believe utopia can’t happen.

Those other three expense items are Lower Prescription Drug costs – mandated and subsidized, Increase Workforce Training – for jobs that are taken by foreigners, paid for through taxation, and Grow Infrastructure, again paid for through taxation or money borrowed from China.They all add to the national debt as well and are inflationary. There’s no income increase in a bigger pile of inflated dollars.

Wallace says, “Leader Pelosi, I’m not saying any of that is wrong [although all of it is], what I am saying is none of it is new. We’ve been hearing it for years, we heard it from the Democrats and Hillary Clinton in 2016, and you lost.”

Pelosi replies, “No, well, un, ya,  weh, snort,” or something along those lines, followed by a pledge that we’re going to “hear it with more clarity.” Clarity wasn’t the issue or our hearing, Pelosi. It was your agenda and the low caliber commie criminals that represents your party; individuals such as yourself.

She says that for the first time since 2006 the Congressional Democrats are in charge of the message. Is that because they don’t have any other party leadership now that Clinton is being kicked to the curb? Their number two guy is a communist “independent whose wife is under federal investigation. “Could that familiar theme represent a problem for them?

Pelosi says that now is their turn to win the Congress for the American people. Of course the Americans are their enemy, but the truth has no relevance with these lying commie Democrats. She then adopts the position one would expect of a woman who has overseen the consistent erosion of support for her party and the loss of their elected presence across all levels of public offices nationwide, saying, “But elections are more than about winning the election.”

According to her “They’re about having a discussion about how we go for…” Wallace cuts her off in mid-idiocy with a rebuttal, saying, “Well they’re all about winning the election.” She then goes on to proclaim it’s about winning on the issues, whatever that means, which it’s hard to believe you can do without winning the vote.

It sounds like Pelosi senses they’re not through losing yet. Hopefully she’s right.


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