Stupid, Belligerent Question Gets Another CNN Fake News Reporter Shut Down

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How tough is it to get a job as a political reporter at CNN? First you have to be a lockstep libtard and as such willing to ignore reality and be willing to fabricate and disseminate falsehoods in the pursuit of the Democrat and establishment agendas, what has come to be known as mainstream fake news. But there is clearly a secondary rudeness and combativeness requirement that never existed or at least was not allowed to manifest itself openly when the Marxist usurper occupied the White House.

Now that their political opponent, the man of the people, Donald Trump, is acting against the Marxist agenda of their fascist masters in the political elite, they appear to have been given instructions to be nasty and demeaning while they’re lying. And it isn’t just CNN, the trend is becoming obvious with all of the mainstream propaganda outlets. In addition to the antics of CNN hack Jeff Zeleny, there was dismissive condescension expressed by ABC reporter Jonathan “Snarl” Karl in his reporting on the same issue from the same briefing, Mr. Trump’s belief that Democrat voter fraud is rampant to the degree that it needs to be investigated and corrected prior to the next election.

Manipulating the vote and voter rolls underlies the Democrat claims of minority disenfranchisement whenever the issue of voter ID is raised. Although they seem fully accepting and capable of having the necessary ID for every other function in today’s society, such as getting a job, riding an airplane, buying alcohol, driving a car, getting government benefits, going to a hospital or doctor’s office or even gambling in a casino, there are limits. When it comes to voting, requiring someone to prove who and what they are, as in an American citizen over 18 years of age, is seen as being discriminatory. That’s because they long ago recognized the power of falsely accusing someone of being a racist in forcing through their agenda. That power now includes stealing victories at the voting booth. There is most certainly going to be a mass of selective outrage and coordinated mainstream propaganda decrying the unfairness of protecting our electoral process, with CNN and ABC at the lead.

It was just a week or two ago that everyone in Congress and the fake news propaganda media was beside themselves over the supposed hacking of criminal Hillary Clinton during the campaign by “the Russians.” Now the concept that the left is manipulating the voting pool is somehow being decried as irrational, paranoid or the stuff of “conspiracy theories. It’s being diminished despite the fact that Democrats have challenged safeguards to the integrity of our electoral process at every step along the way through the abuse of power under Attorneys General Holder and Lynch. Conspiracies are everywhere in DC, and they are only theories until they are proven or disproven. That’s what the Trump investigation will attempt to do. Why would the fake news outlets have a problem with getting to the truth? Because they’ve been told by their globalist masters to have a problem with it. The truth of what they’ve been doing could land them in prison and out of power.

The whiny little CNN nerd and Woody Allen look alike, Jeff Zeleny, who if he wasn’t beat up every day in junior high and high school certainly had it coming, adopts the same belligerent tone that his colleague at CNN, Jim “the Accoster” Acosta did in a January 11th exchange with then President-elect Trump. Acosta threw a tantrum when Mr. Trump refused to call on him and his fake news organization. Zeleny does his part by asking a stupid question, one that gets him shut down by Sean Spicer.

He asked, in what was an obvious attack on the President, “You said the President believes that there was voter fraud. I wonder if you believe that. You were at the Republican National Committee at the time and Chief of Staff Reince Priebus was the Chairman of the RNC at the time. Do you believe there was widespread voter fraud? How can he be comfortable with his win if he believes there was three million votes. Maybe he didn’t win.

Spicer responded, “No, he’s very comfortable with his win. It’s an electoral based system, he got 306 electoral votes, 33 of 50 states voted for him, I think…look  Jeff, I’ve asked and answered this question twice, he believes what he believes based upon the information he was provided.” Spicer then calls on another reporter, but, just like with Acosta, Zeleny continues to talk over the other reporter.

He asks, “What does that mean for democracy, though Sean?” Ours is a Republic, you idiot, for one thing. “If he does believe that what does that mean for democracy, Sean?” Spicer replies, Yeah, I’ve answered your question.”

Zeleny pushes it a little bit more, saying, “Have you?” Correctly, Spicer ignores him.

Battle lines are being drawn in the eight year war for liberty and America.

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4 Comments on Stupid, Belligerent Question Gets Another CNN Fake News Reporter Shut Down

  1. The disrespect for the Administration is not only tiring for those experiencing the excess rudeness, it is taxing on the public. If they cannot act with proper respect they need to be escorted to the door. If it were me I would have given them a time out for a few weeks to learn manners and decorum.

  2. Bill Clinton’s “Motor/Voter” act allows drivers to vote without checking citizenship. A factory for illegal voters since 1993.
    California has over 1.5 million illegal or dead voters, the oldest is over 200 years old. This is part of “draining the swamp”.

  3. CNN should have their Press credentials pulled. Cocksucker lying Leftists….

  4. Snarl Karl! Love it.

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