Strzok Broke Classified Procedures by Texting His Squeeze From a SCIF

Subversive Dems feel rules and laws are for the little people, like Republicans, and don’t apply to them, including procedures for classified information, even Strzok, the guy “investigating” Clinton for the same…

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It seems like everything that was done at the Obama DOJ and FBI involved some sort of double standard and lack of respect for or adherence to rules, regulations and laws. Now comes information that Peter Strzok likely used a cell phone and messaged while in a SCIF, a serious violation of procedures.

Newly released text messages between Strzok and his girlfriend, FBI attorney Lisa Page, contain damning evidence at Strzok’s own hand. He wrote a response to Page asking, “Can you and [redacted woman] come up and see me when you are done? Is [redacted woman] with you? Can you please come up here?”

Strzok then replied, “Walking to see JB. She is still in 4017,” which was followed five minutes later by a text to Page stating “We’re in Jim’s SCIF.” SCIF stands for Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility, the areas, aside from Hillary Clinton’s bathroom, where the most sensitive classified material is kept.

SCIF security procedures strictly forbid any electronic equipment from being taken inside. Phones are to be placed into a locker prior to entry.

Retired Air Force Colonel, James Waurishuk, a senior career strategic intelligence officer and National Security Council staffer, told The Daily Caller that cell phones are stictly prohibited in the SCIF. He said, “You just don’t do it. And most places they will make sure they don’t have one with you. To not only bring it in but actually use it, I can’t fathom that. “And then to be texting your girlfriend — you’re not allowed to use it even for official government use.”

He pointed out the blatant conflict of interest and double standard of Strzok, who was supposedly leading an investigation into similar wrongdoing on the part of Hillary Clinton.

Waurishuk noted the hypocrisy, stating, “That he’s investigating this while at the same time being guilty of similar violations — apparently texting in a SCIF — the irony is crippling.” That’s putting it kindly. She said, “He can’t say she [Clinton] can’t do it when he’s doing it himself in the very performance of the investigation into her. Then there’s the issue that if it didn’t occur to him not do to this, is it going to jump out to him if Clinton does similar?”

He expressed his the DOJ and FBI as a whole, saying, “Anywhere I’ve ever been, someone is going to notice you using [a device in a SCIF], so that tells me the whole system at the FBI is broken. What’s going on in the general counsel’s office? How rampant is this? They should have said ‘Sir, you need to take that out of the building immediately,’ and in some cases depending on the level of classification, they’d have to do a report that there was an inappropriate use of a device that’s not authorized.”

It is his view that the incident is serious enough to warrant the attention of the Inspector General and congressional committees, who may want to interview witnesses and verify records in order to evaluate whether cell phone use in a SCIF a common occurrence and whether James Baker, the JB referenced in the text, the DOJ Chief Counsel, witnessed the breach and if so, why he failed to do anything about it.

He added,  “I have to ask the question why didn’t the supervisor pull them off the case and say you can’t investigate this when he observed this?” Maybe it was misconduct such as this that got him reassigned, along with many of the rest of the criminals at the top of the Obama DOJ.


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