Stop Listening To Brainwashed NY Libtard Ivanka – Climate Scientist’s Urgent Plea To Trump

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Climate expert Dr. Duane Thresher has written an open letter to President Trump urging him to ignore the pleadings of his liberal, brainwashed daughter, Ivanka, and reject her insistence that the US remain in the UN Climate Hoax agreement. It’s never been ratified and is in no way legally binding.


It is the Senate, not a pretend ‘president’ in a meeting with the communist leader of China and the UN globalist Secretary General, that must ratify all treaties and that never happened. It’s not worth the paper it’s written on. Yet, Trump, for some reason, is playing along with the scam and so are the nearly 535 snakes in Congress who know it’s never been ratified but have opted to sit on their hands with their mouths shut.

That political reality was not part of Dr. Thresher’s message to the President. He made other worthwhile points, writing, “Climate treaties like the Paris Agreement have little to do with climate. They are about economic competition. As the greatest economy in the history of the world, other countries will do anything to cripple the United States.”

Thresher has a PhD in Earth & Environmental Sciences from Columbia University and NASA GISS and worked for years in climate monitoring. He notes, “Countries like China will agree to anything in these treaties and simply ignore their obligations while demanding the United States ‘fulfill theirs.’” He described the global warming hoax as a “popular delusion.”


Thresher warned President Trump not to turn his back on promises made to the American people. Many of us are better informed than the President or at a minimum have been just as well informed for a much longer period of time.

Thresher said, “We who voted for you consider stopping this climate change madness one of your key promises. If you renege on it you will lose me and many others as supporters.” He notes that in addition to losing support within his base there will be no upside of gains in the opposition. He wrote, “Your opponents are not going to support you; they’ll just taunt you as being a flip-flopper.”

Indicating it is a topic that he takes both seriously and personally, Dr. Thresher wrote, “Climate science is one of the most fascinating sciences there is. To turn it into a lie for political purposes is a crime.” He added, borrowing from President Trump’s campaign material, “Make climate science great again.”

He could have added, “Stop taking advice from and listening to your liberal relatives, and get your daughter and son-in-law out of the White House and the nation’s affairs.” We didn’t vote for them and don’t like what they’re doing.


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