Still Pretending He’s President – Obama Calls Globalist French Candidate, Inserts His Meddling Nose

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It’s important to remember that Hussein Obama is not merely a former pretend “president,” he’s a current international global communism agitator, a community organizer who has the largest of communities and influence as the result of his having occupied the White House for eight years. It’s also worth recalling from the eight year demonstration we all endured that everything Obama does is political.

It’s now being revealed that Hussein Obama spoke with socialist French Presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron on Thursday. That was the same day as the most recent terrorist attack in Paris, at roughly 9pm. No time was given for the call which was supposedly initiated by the pro-EU globalist candidate.

Obama spokesman Kevin Lewis said “an endorsement was not the purpose of the call, as President Obama is not making any formal endorsement.” Of course an endorsement, minus the specific word, is exactly what he provided.

Lewis said, on behalf of the former pretend ‘president’ who never goes away, “‘President’ Obama appreciated the opportunity to hear from Mr. Macron about his campaign and the important upcoming presidential election in France, a country that President Obama remains deeply committed to as a close ally of the United States, and as a leader on behalf of liberal values in Europe and around the world,” Lewis said.

Did Obama not get the message that there’s a new president in town, an American one and it ain’t him? Did he get secretly get elected as Dear Leader of the liberals of the world or does that position automatically go to the biggest communist rabble-rouser by default?

Obama told Macron, “The main message I have is to wish you all the best in the coming days, and make sure, as you said, you work hard all the way through—because you never know, it might be that last day of campaigning that makes all the difference.”

Obama wants to maintain that this whole non-endorsement wasn’t an endorsement, but Macron certainly got the message, replying, “I will do my best, believe me. So I will fight to the last minute, and we will keep in touch, and our teams will realize and organize a new contact and see how to work together if I’m getting to the run-off.” He sees them teaming up, which is much more than an endorsement. Maybe they could do a few town halls together, get signs made that say “I’m with him” and have a cute little arrow completing the “H.”

Obama is not one to be shy about sticking his globalist nose into the affairs of other nations or about hypocritically charging others with the same activities he’s guilty of.  It was a year ago, almost to the day, that he went to London and attempted to influence the Brexit vote by threatening, “The UK is going to be in the back of the queue.”

He used $350K of American taxpayer dollars to finance an Arab community organizing, get out the vote and advertising campaign against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in an attempt to defeat him in 2015, a project they named V15.

Now, having failed to protect the globalist control of the United States that he had spent eight years setting up, Obama sees the momentum on the side of freedom and nationalism in France and sees history repeating itself in the form of the unraveling of the EU profiteering and control mechanism.

He has no more intention of remaining respectfully out of the fray in their situation than he has anywhere else, including current, ongoing affairs in the United States.

The only way to shut him up is to lock him up and there seems to be little appetite among those with that responsibility in our government for giving the Democrat criminals the justice they deserve. That doesn’t seem to be anything the “‘president’ of the liberal world” is worried about. This fly will be buzzing around a lot of heads and into a lot of barns until they do.


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5 Comments on Still Pretending He’s President – Obama Calls Globalist French Candidate, Inserts His Meddling Nose

  1. The American Woman on the phone falsely introduced Barack as President and should have said “ex” or “former” before that. So she lied, and we rejected Barack’s choice, and France should, too! The Peppe LePeu President at the end said “Our teams work together”. What “team” does the Muslim Jihadist President have?

  2. If we don’t put this man behind bars, along with Hillary and Soros, we will never get a chance to make America great again…

  3. I wish something could be done to stop Obama from ever opening his mouth again or being seen again. He is supposed to fade into the background as all the other ex-presidents have done, not keep agitating and making things worse.

  4. Deplorable Doctor // April 23, 2017 at 6:06 am // Reply

    The French waved the White Flag when they saw the Germans! Now, will the French wave the White Flag and surrender to ISIS or will they Fight with Le Pen?
    Les Français ont agité le drapeau blanc quand ils ont vu les Allemands! Maintenant, les Français brandiront-ils le drapeau blanc et se rendront-ils à ISIS ou combattront-ils avec Le Pen?

  5. Edie Faylor // April 23, 2017 at 5:02 am // Reply

    Is there any way to shut him up? Isn’t there anyone in Congress with b…s to charge him with treason? He needs his freedom taken away not just his phone!

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