Mark Steyn – Weinstein A Typical Democrat Like Fake Feminist Clintons, Obamas

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Tucker Carlson invited Mark Steyn in to discuss the Harvey Weinstein matter. Before engaging his guest, Carlson details the cover up of the Weinstein activities by the New York Times, NBC, actors and Democrats, his friend and rape enabler Hillary Clinton as well as phony defenders of women, Hussein and Michelle Obama.

Steyn points out an interaction between Weinstein and French actress Emma de Caunes, “that sums up not just Hollywood but the Democrats, the Clinton Democrats’ attitude to all of this.” He details how Weinstein reportedly tricked her into coming to his hotel room under the pretext of a script offer.

Weinstein then went into the bathroom and emerged completely undressed an physically aroused. Steyn says, “That’s progressive values in Hollywood in a nutshell,” the hypocritical claim of being committed to “more roles for fierce, strong, independent women, and I’ll consider giving one to you if you’ll come up to my room and sexually service me.”

He calls that the Harvey Weinstein story, noting “to a certain extent that is also the Clinton Democrat story too.” Carlson interjects, “Well, it’s literally the Bill Clinton story.” Carlson asks why it is that “The left always accuses its opponents of doing the exact same thing they’re guilty of.”

Steyn details in quite amusing fashion how this is the necessary and acceptable collateral damage in the minds of the Democrat offenders. Carlson was unable to get anyone from Hollywood to come on camera and talk about it. He asks “at what point does Hollywood come clean and admit that Harvey Weinstein is not an aberration, he may have been the most piggish guy you’ve ever heard of but he’s not an anomaly out there.”

Referencing a comment earlier in the program by Harvey Levin of TMZ that there was actually no crime yet committed for the FBI to investigate, Steyn points to “certain other oddities” beyond just the rape allegations. He brings up the “Miramax head guy in Italy” who knew nothing about movies but was paid $400,000 a year “to procure broads for Harvey Weinstein.”

He recommends that the FBI investigate that as well as the entrapment of girls though the use of front women who manipulated them into compromising circumstances and then left them alone with the predator, Weinstein. Steyn charges, “That’s systemic corruption in the Weinstein company.” Not to mention an accomplice to rape if that ever is criminally charged and proven.

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2 Comments on Mark Steyn – Weinstein A Typical Democrat Like Fake Feminist Clintons, Obamas

    it would FLOOD THE USA IN ABOUT 10 FEET OF SEWAGE, and way up here in ND where i presently live we can SMELL THE ROT.

    • This is why Comey did not expose the rot. It is so pervasive in our government, it would have destabilised our nation as a world power. Bad enough the political corruption is an abomination, the absence of moral restraint in both government and Hollywood, specifically on the sexual level, shows such pathological behavior, it is a national disgrace and no one cares. This is a nation of sociopaths and psychopaths of astounding magnitude.

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