Steyn – US Corrupted to Banana Republic – No Russians, Just Obama Spies

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Mark Steyn opens his interview with Neil Cavuto with a statement that James Clapper is a liar who, as with Hillary Clinton, if he were just a typical citizen, would have likely been prosecuted for perjury over some of the things he’s said in recent years.”

Steyn points out that Paul Manafort has been under surveillance and wiretapped by the corrupt United States government since 2014, almost three years. He points out that not only has he never been convicted, he’s never been charged with anything.”

“So we have a situation,” observes Steyn, “in a supposedly free, self-governing, civilized society, where the most powerful government in the world can wiretap you for three years and never have to bring a charge or find any crime that you’ve committed.”

Steyn describes the FISA Court as a joke, correctly observing their pattern of rubber-stamping requests. He says, “All you need to do is be conversing with a foreigner,” pointing out Cavuto is providing grounds for his own warrant to be issued by talking to Steyn on the program.

Cavuto asks, “And who would know about it?” Steyn replies, “Well, that’s the point. Nobody would know about it.” What the US has devolved into is a situation where “the ruling party, using the cover of national security rules to get the goods on its political opponents.”

He points to the occasion where a prince from the UAE came to the US and was blown off by Obama. He then decided to go meet with the incoming administration, a decision that prompted the domestic political spies in the Obama regime to find out what was going on.”

Cavuto makes the observation that Lyin’ James Clapper and the other sleazy politicians would have to know what was going on as they most assuredly did and do. “So when he, months back was unequivocally denying that Donald Trump’s phones were tapped or that Donald Trump had ever appeared in a tape or something like that, he had to know, right?

I mean, he had to know there was certainly a distinct possibility that this could have been going on, that the President was sort of swept into it.” Steyn agrees, “Absolutely, and that’s the other problem here. Clapper has been lying with impunity to Congress and to the American people.” Cavuto notes he’s treated like a saint by the media.

“Exactly,” says Steyn, “and he knows he’s never going to be called on it.” He contrasts that with someone they’re going after, Paul Manafort, that “They pick his front door. They go in, they search his wife who’s in her negligee, in case she’s got an AK-47 under there, that’s disgusting. And they go through the house, not to get the goods on him but to, just to find one of those process crimes.”

Steyn recognizes the obvious, that “they’re trying to turn him to get to Trump,” as most of America does. He notes that in Federal Court the federal government wins 97% of its cases, a record Kim Jong-un would be proud of.

Steyn points out that these tactics are neither funny or cute, that the US is “in real banana republic territory here.” Cavuto notes how the lying officials, such as Hillary Clinton, deny, deny, deny, then change their story, and repeat the process depending upon the direction and extent of an investigation.

He points out “There are no Russians in the Russia investigation. What there are are political operatives of the Obama administration spying on their political opponents.” He notes that there is no denying this is a political hit job on President Trump.

He observes how the pretext for not prosecuting Hillary Clinton offered by some was the desire not to deny Democrats their candidate, corrupt as she was. Now we’ve got the duly elected President being denied the ability to govern by his political opposition. “It’s disgusting,” says Steyn.


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  1. The good thing is: you’re very good at what you do, Rick. That’s also the scary thing. If you keep going, you’re going to one day uncover the source, and that terrifies me. Watch your back, my friend. These people don’t care who they hurt.

    P.S. I want my emails back. 😉

    • Pat, tell me what happened with the emails – I’m trying to find a program that works right, the one I had was stuck and wouldn’t allow new signups – I thought I had a replacement but maybe not – please let me know what you’re seeing, receiving. Thanks

      • Cool, getting your email again. At least I got the latest one. Thanks!

      • Rick.Reading through your Posts here.. If any help at all, when I signed up with emails with you it went to my Worldpress Com account.. I never miss your emails.. I also have to confirm if I respond and what to see replys on it.. So if this helps..Tell people to sign up to the World press..I have had some issues lately of not getting on your site? Saying down..Seems when post come back to me on comments made, (I need to click on Comments to get on your site. If I click on article, Its down?

        • thanks, Maxine, I’m not sure but I think that the wordpress sign ups are not available to the siteowner, as in I’m locked into wordpress forever or if I migrate I risk losing them – not sure, but I’m being forced to learn more about his as the days go on – thanks a lot for the information.

  2. Steyn, as usual, is right, and this administration seems to be protecting the whole corrupt bunch. I would love to see a Mark Steyn – Rick Wells fact/opinion show on Fox or OAN. I believe that would be a blow out of the ratings.

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