Steyn – North Korea Dangerous Because Kim Is Crazy And Not Very Good With Nukes

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Neil Cavuto plays a clip of Donald Trump in a radio interview with Reuters saying, “There’s a chance that we could end up having a major, major conflict with North Korea. Absolutely.” Mark Steyn agrees, saying, “We have the wealthiest countries in human history, countries like Norway and New Zealand, that can’t project power to their own borders, and we have basket case states like North Korea, which has an all but undetectable GDP, but it’s a nuclear power.”

Steyn contends, “Sooner or later, if North Korea’s nuclear, if Sudan goes nuclear, if Yemen goes nuclear, and all the rich countries spend nothing defending themselves, the world will collapse, and that’s what’s at the heart of the North Korean question.”

Cavuto asks if, consistent with the new tone from the White House and Secretary of State Tillerson, do we not have to do something that is going to “up the global ante and push us closer” to war. Steyn replies, “Yes, because I think if he has nuclear weapons, sooner or later he will use them. We all laugh because he’s not very good, you know, he has one of his tests and the thing barely clears the perimeter fence, and we all laugh at him right? No, that’s why he’s dangerous.”

“When you’ve got a nuclear power,” Steyn observes, “you want the guy to be good at nuclear weapons, as, broadly speaking, France and Russia and China and the United Kingdom and the United States are. When you have someone who isn’t actually any good at it, then it’s like watching an inebriated 93-year-old granny driving a 26 wheeler down the New Jersey Turnpike.”

Cavuto add his astute observation, saying, “And you’re also making the assumption that that granny is going to be accountable or answerable to the policeman who might be chasing her. In this case, what if China can’t control this guy and we are playing the China card, hoping, praying they will?

Steyn believes “That’s actually the only form of leverage, I think Kim Jong-un is rational to the extent that he wants to stay alive. But he is not rational to the extent that if it were to suit him one particular evening, he would be perfectly happy to reduce Seoul or a Japanese city or any other city to a smoking ruin if it happened to suit what was in his head at that time.”

“That world cannot continue,” says Steyn, “and so the Chinese have to be pressured to pressure North Korea into withdrawing. When you’ve only got thirty nuclear weapons, that’s not like having hundreds and thousands. The fewer you have the more likely you are to lose them, because it’s use them or lose them, that’s basically how it works at that level.”

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2 Comments on Steyn – North Korea Dangerous Because Kim Is Crazy And Not Very Good With Nukes

  1. The neocons are so giddy they’re wetting themselves. I never thought of it the way Steyn put it and he may have a point. However, it is my understanding, I may be off base, but we have the capability to take out his nukes if launched. If that is true why not just wait and if he does fire off flatten N.K.

  2. Kelleigh Nelson // April 29, 2017 at 7:51 am // Reply

    Y’know he may be right on this mess, but I don’t give him much credence anymore since he is so in bed with the pro Constitutional Convention people, who don’t ever do any research about precedent and what this could cost us.

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