Steelers Villanueva Says He Didn’t Defy Plan To Boycott Anthem, Just Messed It Up

alejandro villanueva

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ left tackle, Alejandro Villanueva says he didn’t defy the pressure of his teammates to disrespect the national anthem, he just screwed up the team’s effort to include him in their unified act of disgrace.

He had planned to join them in their attack on the honor of the United States, despite being an Army Ranger with three tours of duty in Afghanistan.

As Villanueva explains, “I didn’t give them an opportunity to stand with me during the national anthem. That is the very embarrassing part on my end in what transpires because everybody sees an image of me standing by myself, everybody thinks that the team and the Steelers are not behind me. And that’s absolutely wrong.”

He says, “It’s quite the opposite, they all would have, actually the entire team would have been out there with me.” 

The reporter says that “The team had planned to stand in the tunnel,” and that “Villanueva, an Army Vet was to stand in front and the whole team would be just behind him.” Bears fans coming off the field held the Steelers up so that they weren’t able to make it to the point where Villanueva was and he decided it would be have “looked bad” to exit the field after the anthem had started. Maybe they should have just been standing on the field to begin with instead of playing flag games.

Villanueva claims the team was trying to respect everyone’s opinions. Everyone except for the American people that they are demeaning worldwide as this despicable debate continues and is broadcast around the world. Only in America do our sports heroes treat their country with disdain.

He was worried about respecting his teammates as they trash our country. They don’t deserve any respect and now their lack of character has bled over and tarnished Villanueva’s reputation.

He’s fallen in with a very unsavory bunch, these NFL players. They’re a bad influence that is not worthy of his respect and certainly not worthy of that of the American people. If he had hurt their feelings or made them look bad by standing up for his country that would have been a good thing. It’s unfortunate that that was not the case.

He said, “And every single time I see that picture of me standing by myself I feel embarrassed to a degree because again, like I said, unintentionally I left my teammates behind. It wasn’t me stepping forward there. I never planned to boycott the plan that the Steelers came up with. I just thought that there should be some middle ground where I could stay in the tunnel.”

The reporter quotes Villanueva as stating he’s not offended by nor does he object to anyone taking the knee as a form of protest of racial injustice.”

That’s too bad. He should. He served his country honorably and they are disrespecting that service and the flag of his nation, and the people of America, destroying the game of professional football in the process.

His loyalties are misplaced but that’s his business, just as with the others. One quick question for you, Villanueva, from your newest fans across the nation. “Do new jerseys burn hotter or dirtier than old ones?”

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6 Comments on Steelers Villanueva Says He Didn’t Defy Plan To Boycott Anthem, Just Messed It Up

  1. Well, shoot. I thought he was a fine, upstanding veteran and he’s just another POS. I bet there are a lot of jerseys being burned or cut up today, heard they sold quite a few of them.

  2. Well dang, that sure let’s me down, thinking we had at last one patriot. I sure would like to know what racial injustice is … when whites elected a race baiting anti American to the White House?

  3. He’s obviously not very bright.

  4. another Two Face..LYING piece of trash….throw in he is a Coward and a ZERO.

    What a brain washed JERK!

  5. If you liked watching “The Three Stooges”, dial in the NFL.

  6. Fred A. Hisle // September 26, 2017 at 5:21 pm // Reply

    Disappointing. WestPoint, Ranger, Infantry, 3 deployments in combat, Honorably Discharged. Again, Disappointing.

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