One Steeler Is Man Enough Not To Disrespect His Country – Army Ranger Villanueva

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Back before a slug with the San Francisco 49ers made disrespecting your country and those who fought for it “cool,” the man who defied his cowardly Pittsburgh Steeler teammates and stood on the field for the National Anthem, Alejandro Villanueva, was already getting national attention for the right reasons.

Villanueva was the subject of a feature on the CBS The Morning program in May of 2014. At the time he was working to gain a spot on the Philadelphia Eagles roster as a defensive end.

Now Villanueva plays left tackle for the Pittsburgh Steelers. The West Point graduate is also a veteran of three tours in Afghanistan as an Army Ranger and paratrooper. He served his country for five years and is not about to allow himself to be bullied or intimidated into turning his back on it now.

Villanueva stood alone for the National Anthem, the one man of character and patriotism on the Steelers roster, on the field as the rest of the cowards hid in the tunnel, out of sight of the “fans,” to whatever degree they remain as such.

The officials were there and even their anti-American opponents stood like schoolboys with their arms locked, creating a spectacle of themselves for the liberal media and owners.

Keep it up boys. We’re learning who the real men are in the NFL. Surprisingly, as big and athletic as they are, there are very, very few. Alejandro Villanueva is one of those few.

His profile by CBS this morning is below as is the video of Villanueva’s solitary act of respect for his country in defiance of a locker room full of malcontents and ingrates. They’re his peers but they are nowhere close to being his equals.


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4 Comments on One Steeler Is Man Enough Not To Disrespect His Country – Army Ranger Villanueva

  1. Seriously. There is no crime in dissent, and the privilege to disagree and exercise Constitutional rights is precisely what Villanueva was fighting for.

    • There is an appropriate time and place for it and while others are attempting to relax in a recreational sporting event is not the place for them to be spewing their liberal crap. You don’t see conservatives holding pictures of aborted babies during halftime – that would be inappropriate as well. When they put on the uniform their time belongs to their employer – they represent that employer and they must behave in the interest of that employer and his customers. What they’re doing is not criminal, nobody said it was. It is inappropriate and has no place during their work day. Get a job anywhere else in America, like as a cocktail waitress and try condemning people for drinking and handing out copies of the AA Big Book – that’s free speech too, but you’re got to be a special kind of stupid to claim a constitutional right to do so.

  2. If the b’tards don’t like our country or don;t fully respect our country, they should get the hell out of our country… quickly. Staying here could become hazardous to their health.

  3. A tall, brave and handsome young man, Villanueva is a true credit to America. Well done, Sir.

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