Steel Worker’s Union Wants Trump Meeting Too, China A Serious Problem

steel workers union


President Trump had a busy first day at the White House, which included signing an executive order that withdrew the United States from the TPP. He’s also set his sights on NAFTA and has indicated that a bilateral trade agreement with Great Britain will be an important point of discussion when he meets with British PM Theresa May at the White House on Friday, the first foreign leader he will host.

The video report points out that the group of Union Leaders that Mr. Trump met with today were largely from the construction trades, were from the Northeast, and many may have been known to Mr. Trump. There are other Unions involved in manufacturing and other endeavors which it seems are also hoping to be included in a future meeting. One of them is the guest of the former obnoxious and angry liberal at MSNBC Ed Schulz. He’s become more reasonable and measured now that he’s not under standing orders to get whitey, and badmouth America. It’s ironic that he’s less critical of America at a Russian-owned network than at a mainstream media outlet but that is the reality of the media in today’s America.

There were rumors at the time Schulz got fired from MSNBC that it was due to his objection to and negative coverage of the TPP, but with him hosting, his last place show was likely just too abrasive and beyond recovery. It’s still fitting that he’s reporting on its demise and other positive aspects of Trump trade. His guest, Leo Gerard responds to the day’s events, saying, “I’ve got to tell you. “I and our union feel kind of proud,” saying,”this has been a goal of the United Steelworkers for forty years.” He says his union is also anxious to work with President Trump to repeal or rewrite current trade deals.

While he agrees with President Trump on the deals themselves and removing the weaknesses, Gerard says,” The other part of that is we’ve got to have strong enforcement. We’ve had trade case after trade case, we win and they just keep flouting [sic] the rules. Same thing with our cases on steel, aluminum, where China’s developed, in particular, they’ve developed over-capacity in steel, over-capacity in aluminum and they flood the markets, depress the prices, then they come in and try to steal our jobs. So we want to work with him on enforcement as well.”

One might ask the union official why, if that is the case, did they support the do-nothing Obama for reelection. Why did they support Hillary Clinton when they had a candidate of Trump’s caliber who was telling them exactly what they should have been aching to hear.

Gerard reminds Schulz that one of the most valuable bargaining chips we have is access to the US market. He says bilateral deals are extremely doable, that there are only two countries in the hemisphere that have similar high standards, the US and Canada. He stresses the importance of enforcement, particularly from the aspect of bilateral arrangements, citing the ongoing problems his industry is facing with China.

Gerard says, “We file a dozen cases on steel and we keep winning it and they keep doing it. So if we had a one on one deal, they break the law three times you’re gone, you’re not in the market. You’re just going to lose the most valuable thing. He’s talking about putting consequences into the equation. Democrats hate consequences.

He adds, “I’m looking forward to working with him on these things that we’ve been talking about for forty years.”

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