All She Did Was Steal An American’s Identity, “Evil” Trump Wants To Deport Her

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It’s almost humorous to hear the pro-illegal alien agitators talk about the problems created for Americans whose identity is stolen by foreigners as if it’s a non-crime, something that nobody should be concerned with. For the person who has go dance through hoops and fill out stacks of forms, write letters and spend their time, it’s a very big deal. It’s fraud, a felony that Americans would likely serve prison time for committing. If an illegal does it, it’s a necessity that the cruel American system forced upon them. They have to feed their families so “esta bien.”

The transnational squatter in the video has been here for twenty years and still speaks no English. She supposedly held a news conference, in which there were as many cameras as supporters to pitch her pathetic, feel sorry for her case to the public. Through the narrator she describes the enforcement of our laws as an attack not only on her, but on the entire immigrant community. It’s just like enforcing rules against armed robbery are an assault on the bank-robbing community or child-molestation laws are an affront to the pedophile community. It’s a good thing; they’re not a community, they’re criminals.

The reporter, in her most overly dramatic method, describes the illegal living in the church to evade capture, using the misguided practice of ICE of not pursuing immigration lawbreakers into churches against us. Again, they’d pursue a bank robber so that’s a lame and invalid excuse for doing nothing. And what’s with all the hanky action? Is she real sweaty or did she borrow Chuck Schumer’s handkerchief for the fake tears effect? 

The liberal ACLU looking apologist speaks for the foreign squatter, saying, “The only thing that I’ve done is use false documents to put food on the table of my family. Not to beat it to death, but the bank robber could make the same statement about his pistol. He was just using it to put food on the table. Is there a point to that baseless argument? If she’s here to buy a new GMC Pickup is it then okay to deport her for stealing someone’s ID and for breaking into our country?

IRS Inspector General, J. Russell George, says, “Cases of employment identity theft can cause significant burden to innocent taxpayers, including the incorrect computation of taxes based on income that does not belong to them.”

The illegals using the fraudulent ID in association with an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, ITIN, number approximately 2.4 million per year. They submit W-2 forms which contain incorrect social security numbers belonging to Americans or legal residents. That information is not allowed to be shared by agencies, insulating the perpetrator from immigration enforcement or legal ramifications.

Eighty-seven percent of forms filed online using ITINs show income credited to a Social Security number. Over half of those filed by paper likewise contain the same type of fraudulent filing situation. Kenneth C. Corbin, commissioner of the IRS’s wage and investment division, said it has just completed a pilot program to figure out how to notify taxpayers they’re the victims of fraud.

Corbin said in most of the cases they’re missing right now, the Social Security number given is for someone who doesn’t have a tax account on their system. He says they can’t create a notification for someone who’s not in their files, and said because of privacy concerns they won’t just send a notification to the addresses listed. They’re at a loss as to how to address that problem, something that the victim of the identity theft would have little difficulty in figuring out a solution for.

The address of the employer is on the check and on their paperwork with the IRS. For most employers, the employee is also on site. Here’s what you do, boys, contact ICE and tell them you’ve got a situation with an illegal working under an American’s Identity and it needs to be investigated. They’re professionals, they know what to do from that point on. Problem solved. That wasn’t so hard, was it?

Instead Corbin offered excuses for why a solution is impossible. He made the exception the rule, saying, there are cases “where someone knowingly loaned out their Social Security to an unauthorized worker, and thus wasn’t properly a victim but a conspirator.” Okay, arrest them and deport the illegal, once again problem solved and if there’s not enough evidence for an arrest, they get a warning and an arrest on subsequent violations.

Corbin also employed what should be called the “Jeh Johnson method,” the universal excuse for Democrats and bureaucrats looking for a way to justify being force to allow lawlessness, and not do their jobs – claiming a lack of money.

Corbin said he’d do what he can but they have limited resources at the IRS. He said, “We cannot commit to additional actions that would require significant resources to accomplish.” And cost them those tax revenues, we mustn’t forget, every time they’re successful. 

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13 Comments on All She Did Was Steal An American’s Identity, “Evil” Trump Wants To Deport Her

  1. She is an illegal criminal who stole an American’s ID, has lived here twenty years and still does not speak one word of English! Deport her and her family! All Federal Agents should be able to enter any house of worship to arrest criminals, same needs to be done to this woman! Sick of these illegal criminal scumbags! Build that damn WALL! Give all Illegals 30 days to exit our nation, then go after them with a passion, and jerk these fake Christians from the churches they try to hide in!

  2. David Kelly // June 25, 2017 at 3:33 am // Reply

    She can’t speak English after 20 years of stealing from this country. DEPORT them all!!!

  3. frances quinn // June 24, 2017 at 10:50 pm // Reply

    under obama identity theft by illegals was not even prosecuted. people whose identity was stolen were on their own. so wrong……deport this woman and her four kids. chances are she is on welfare and food stamps, probably stole the identity to buy a new car and get financing. these people are crooks.

  4. shirley roberts // June 24, 2017 at 7:37 pm // Reply

    As an American citizen, I give permission to ICE and all law enforcement to go anywhere they need to to round up these illegals and deport them.

  5. Identity theft is a crime. A big crime. This woman broke the law, in a big way. I do not feel sorry for her. If she had come here the legal route then she would not have to be worrying about being deported she would have her own social security number and her own id which she would use to get a job!!!! She should be deported. It is her own fault she committed this crime. NO one else twisted her arm to make her commit this crime. Bye chickie!!

  6. Debra Prisk // June 24, 2017 at 3:11 am // Reply

    Deport her and the kids and build that wall!


  8. There is no reason to separate this woman from her family! Send them all packing back to wherever she came from compliments of their corrupt mother/wife! Any illegal coming into this country needs to know they are going to be caught eventually and deported. Those who hide from I.C.E., no matter where they are hiding, will be arrested and deported and those hiding this criminal WILL be charged and jailed, as well. A crime is a crime. We are a nation of laws that are to be adhered to. There are consequences for those who go outside of the law. I feel a hell of a lot worse for the individual whose identity she stole! Send them all packing!

  9. Another undocumented illegal alien stole a dead man’s SS# from Connecticut, went to school at Harvard on grant money used for immigrants; and then the idiots made him POTUS in 2008 and again in 2012. This is SHAMEFUL. Shameful because the IDIOTS are those in Gov’t who failed to vette the imposter !

  10. Thomas Oakley // June 23, 2017 at 8:49 pm // Reply

    Is she employed? Did by some chance her employer use e verify, of course if she has been here 20 years and at the same job(?) all that time, I do not even know if it was around then. And this …..corbyn ……sounds like he does not want to enforce the law…..may be he is but one of those that need a good cleaning? And what of the head of the department, what are his views and should he be removed? (if he allowed this crap to go on by his employees, yes he should also be removed)….TRUMP you still have so much cleaning to do……why is it not being done?

  11. Deplorable Doctor // June 23, 2017 at 7:15 pm // Reply

    Enforce the Deportation Order ASAP!

  12. JerseyDevil // June 23, 2017 at 7:07 pm // Reply

    What would happen to ME if I did that in the Country where she came from?

  13. I know I speak for many of us when I say there are only 2 things we really care about – what our Constitution says and what our President does. The left is a disaster that needs to be marginalized. President Trump needs to carry on.

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