Statesman Trump Embraces Poland’s Tenacity For Liberty, Promises Future With US

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When Hussein Obama used to visit a foreign nation as the pretend president, there was usually a sense of dread and expectation, a question of what kind of attack he’d inevitably make upon the United States. There was also the smug “I’m so important” way he carried himself that gave the impression that whatever the event was, the real underlying purpose was to highlight the supposed greatness of the impostor in the White House. His arrogance, body language and words reinforced those impressions.

None of that is the case with President Trump, who appears sincere in his words and approach, with the event actually being the event and his participation, while important, not constructed or distorted into a means to focus attention on him. President Trump doesn’t try or appear to have any desire to make the ceremony about him.

He’s also not going to be talking badly about our nation or making excuses for our greatness. He will recognize proudly our desire and willingness to defend ourselves from the threats and refuse to submit to the demands of our adversaries that we simply roll over and accept their domination. The global opposition, the puppets “leading” Germany, France and the EU, the leftists in America and the UN, as well as our adversaries in China and Moscow all want us to surrender to them. President Trump and patriotic Americans refuse and on this trip to Poland he publicly invited the Poles to join with us.

He recognized their people and their struggles against oppression, including from both Germany and Russia, nations that still engage in aggression of various forms against their people to this day. President Trump spoke at Krasinski Square, before a monument commemorating the 1944 Warsaw Uprising against the Nazis. There is symbolic importance to the fact that he visited Poland before the G20, held in Germany, which is now engaged as a puppet of the new fascists, the EU. Their union has devolved into a collection of nations being pressured to voluntarily surrender their sovereignty to the same people they fought during World Wars l and ll. The answer, now that they have seen the true question, is the same as it was then.

The window dressing is different but the powers behind the takeover are still the international banksters and corporations operating behind the veil of a supposed representative government. Once again the people of Poland smell the rat, as do others in central Europe, defying the Brussels bureaucrats and refusing to allow their nations to be destroyed.

President Trump voiced his support for what is a budding alternative to the overbearing EU, the Three Seas Initiative, expressing American eagerness to the expansion of a partnership with the central European bloc. He told the crowd, “We welcome stronger ties of trade and commerce as you grow your economy and we are committed to securing your access to alternate sources of energy so Poland and its neighbors are never again held hostage to a single supplier of energy. Russia won’t be too happy to hear that one; neither will the EU puppeteers.

He addressed the threat of Islamic terrorism, saying, “We will confront them, we will win, but they are threats.” He also recognized another threat, that of increasing governmental control over our lives, saying, “We must work together to confront forces, whether they come from inside or out, from the south or the east, that threaten over time to undermine these values, and to erase the bonds of culture, faith and tradition that make us who we are.

He also spoke to the importance of God to the Polish and American people. George Soros and the globalists really don’t like competition like that, or from this meddlesome American infidel, who delivered one of his best speeches ever.


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4 Comments on Statesman Trump Embraces Poland’s Tenacity For Liberty, Promises Future With US

  1. God has blessed us with the perfect POTUS for these troubled times.
    Thank You Lord, and God Bless You Donald Trump. Real Americans have your back.

  2. That was a long one! And that’s our President… our wonderful, wonderful President. And they love him too! Wasn’t he fantastic!
    Thank you, Rick… I tried watching this before on other sites but couldn’t get a decent connection anywhere. This one came in great.

  3. Thank you President Trump. What you said is very TRUE!

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