State Dept Finally Considers Terminating Clinton And Her Staff’s Security Clearance

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The federal government doesn’t often move quickly or decisively and sometimes it doesn’t move at all. The cumbersome bureaucracy doesn’t allow for responsiveness, partially by design as protection to the corrupted system and it’s exploitative occupants.  

Here we are, five months into the Trump Presidency, still futilely looking for the “lock her up” prosecution of Hillary Clinton or any of the Obama criminals. Unbelievably, Hillary Clinton and her accomplices are still in possession of their security clearances.

It’s unknown what prompted Rex Tillerson’s State Department to finally wake up to the possibility that allowing our most notorious spy ring in history to still have access to all of our most sensitive information might not be a good idea, but something seems to have gotten his attention. It would have been a good idea to strip all of the Clinton gang of their clearances right away, once his confirmation ordeal had been completed. But four or five months later, here we are, with one of those infamous “ongoing investigations” underway. Still it’s better than nothing and a vast improvement over the international mobster he replaced.

In keeping with the DC tradition of doing things in the least efficient manner possible, the clearances weren’t rescinded. Instead, a formal inquiry has been opened into whether Clinton and her partners in crime mishandled classified information. Next they’re going to launch a six-month investigation to determine whether or not water is wet.

Fox News reports that the “investigation aims to determine whether Clinton and her closest aides violated government protocols by using her private server to receive, hold and transmit classified and top-secret government documents.” How long does it take to read those things, an hour or two? Can’t they have their staff attorneys highlight the relevant text and then send the necessary paperwork along in a morning’s work?

A State Department spokesperson declined to say when the investigation was begun other than that it followed the completed waste of time and money at the FBI. So at some point between October 28th and June 20th, an investigation that should have taken less than a day began and continues. And while it does, so does the access of the criminal Clinton and her gangster entourage to all of the good info they can get top dollar for.

Of course she and her cadre of criminals are no longer working within the government and Clinton is no longer a candidate for President. Aside from feeling sorry for her loss of an income stream, what justification is there for it continuing, let alone an effort to terminate it? How is her having a security clearance a service or benefit to the United States and if it isn’t then why does it exist?

Tillerson has competition in the area of slothful dragging on of what should be an urgent matter, with Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley launching an investigation into Clinton’s handling of emails, an inquiry that began in March. Everybody in America knows what she’s done, but the Senate has taken three months and counting to prove it to themselves. Why not just read the FBI Reports or get a text of the Comey July 5th text amend it with a different outcome? Why duplicate the work?

The FBI determined that Clinton and her staff members were “extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information.” Grassley also contended there is “evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information…” How much proof do you need, Chuck, and what is the objective? You already know she’s a crook, are you going to refer her to the DOJ, like Comey should have done in July? Don’t you have enough to do that already?


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7 Comments on State Dept Finally Considers Terminating Clinton And Her Staff’s Security Clearance

  1. AmazedHuman // June 21, 2017 at 10:29 pm // Reply

    CONSIDERS IT? What does it take? How ridiculous. Should have happened a long time ago! Hillary has proven unworthy to have any official clearance of any sort.

  2. It appears that the “deep state” is really in charge. The swamp critters are just as big, and some even bigger. The policies are simply twiddling around the edges for effect, BUT.

    Illegals/refugees going out, but more coming in than out. 0care looks to be another mass entitlement for the insurance companies, the neocons will have a major war, one way or another, tax reform looks to be another parasitic give away. The indoctrination system still seems to be in place with massive $$ going to all levels of indoctrination.

    And IMO it looks like Ivanka is being groomed as the first female president, and then we will have socialism at it’s “finest”.

  3. Why the hell has this not already been done?????????????????????

  4. Thomas Oakley // June 21, 2017 at 1:37 pm // Reply

    Either trump is stupid or his ego will not let him remove tillerson who was a total mistake. Here again tillerson shows how totally useless he is. Still the useless dept of state is doing what ever it can to destroy trump and he lets them and does not remove the head jackass. Dam but he must be getting some very bad advice from those so called advisors he has around him.This is not what we elected him to do He is turning into a very big disapointment, sorry to say.

  5. You are always crystal clear in your judgement. And dead-bang in your choice of words: It IS unbelievable and her sidekick is an international mobster. What are they waiting for, her development of a vast and well-thought out plan to get them all killed once they do put them away? Even the average American has read the security regulations and can see she violated all aspects of it.

  6. DUH! They are just now considering that? WTH is wrong with Rex Tillerson. Sorry, but this should have been a number one job.

    • TONYA PARNELL // June 21, 2017 at 1:29 pm // Reply

      I agree; however, there may be a procedure we don’t know about. I don’t see why the President could not have done this. Wonder what other hold-overs have a security clearance.

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